Nakshatras Mansions of the Moon

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The Hindu lunar mansions of the moon, talismanic rings, and more. The Nakshatras are 27 constellations of fixed stars discovered thousands of years ago by vedic Rishis, or seers. The Nakshatras are considered to be the abodes of various gods , and energies that influence the day to day lives of people on earth and even influence weather and harvests. Nakshatras play a very important role in Vedic astrology for predictions and timing events. The most important feature of a Vedic natal chart is the Janma Nakshatra which is the Nakshatra the Moon was posited in during birth. This particluar Nakshatra is believed to strongly influence an individual's character and outlook on life. Many activities and endeavors are carried out according to the Nakshatras ruling certain time periods or days and are closely observed by many people in order to benefit fully from their energies.

Aslesa Nakshatra is owned by the Naga, and Vasuki, the king of serpents. Its planetary ruler is Budh (Mercury). Its symbol is a coiled snake, a bangle, or a circle. This Nakshatra carries the divine energy that inflicts venom and controls addictions. It also grants great mystical talents and mediumistic abilities. Shakya Muni was born when this Nakshatra was rising with Moon in auspicious placement. He was protected by the great serpent Adishesha who canopied him during a storm while performing austerities under the Bodhi tree. This Nakshatra is productive for tantrik activities and rituals, for defeating enemies, handling competitors, battle, gambling, getting rid of vermin, filing lawsuits, cleaning and clearing, weapons, fires, maha abhichara and sorcery. If a person receives a deep wound, bite from a venomous animal, or ingests poisons when this Nakshatra is rising during an eclipse, measures must be quickly taken to save that persons life. The proper appeasement of serpents and deities must be performed. Auspicious or religious activities commenced during this Nakshatra will not bring full benefits.

 Mrigasirsa Nakshatra is owned by Chandra, or the goddess of the moon, also of immortality, and is beneficial for matchmaking, finding a mate, marriage, thread ceremonies, socializing, making new friends, spiritual initiations, commencing academic pursuits, travel, construction of temples, installing deities, construction and laying foundations. Its symbol is a chariot. This Nakshatra carries the shakti which grants fulfillment in all matters. Its planetary ruler is Kuja or Mangala (Mars).

Anuradha Nakshatra is owned by Mitra, the deity of friendship and loyalty. Its planetary ruler is Shani (Saturn). This Nakshatra grants the ability to receive blessings through a strong sense of devotion and through worship. Its symbol is an arch or gateway and also a parasol or umbrella. This Nakshatra is beneficial for religious activities, agriculture, study of vedas or other sciences, marriage, immigration, foreign travel, healing, managing finances, exploration and changing residence.

Bharani Nakshatra is owned by the Yama, the god of death in classic Hinduism. Its planetary ruler is Veli or Sukra (Venus). Its symbol is the Yoni or Elephant. This Nakshatra embodies the divine energy which cleanses and removes impurities. This Nakshatra is useful for performing harsh and aggressive actions, doing cruel things, competition, things related to poison digging wells, things related to agriculture, things related to fire.

Sravana Nakshatra is owned by Sri Vishnu, the great preserver of the universe. Its planetary ruler is Chandra or Soma (Moon). Its symbols are a human ear, 3 footprints in an uneven row, or a trident (trishulam). Sravana tranlates as listen or perceive. This Nakshatra is the perceptive star, receiving mundane and astral sounds and teachings. This Nakshatra grants the capacity to study other cultures, belief systems, and perceive other dimensions or planes of existence. This star fosters astrologers, religious scholars, priests, clairvoyants, linguists, mediums or those who channel messages from higher planes, music writers, and those in the recording industry. Vishnu devotees benefit greatly if fasting is observed monthly on the day of Svravana Nakshatra and pujas done on this day give good results. This Nakshatra gives beneficial results for new ventures, counseling, listening, recording, interviewing, travel, buying property, medical treatment, socializing, learning, studying languages, reading and writing, music, philosophy, meditation, religious activities, politics, humanitarian activities.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is owned by Aryaman, the god of contracts and ties. Also by Bhaga, the god of marital happiness and family inheritance. Its planetary ruler is Sukra or Veli (Venus).This star is also known as The Reddish One, The Star of Fortune, or The Marriage Mansion. Its symbols are the legs of a bed, a swinging hammock, a fig tree or a couch. It is said that Lord Shiva in his human incarnation commenced his wedding procession under this Nakshatra. This star exemplifies the six majesties, and embodies pleasure, prosperity, love, enjoyment and sensuality. This Nakshatra is the gate to the creation of new life and ultimately to freedom from desires. One of the most important and auspicious Nakshatras. This Nakshatra is excellent for all activities related to marriage, match making, pleasure, meetings between parents, meeting prospective brides and grooms, decorating, banquets and feasts, social events, studying, planting trees, finding treasures, interacting with enemies, resolving long standing feuds or grudges, using persuasion and mesmirism to achieve goals, relaxation, amusement, singing, enjoyment, and conducting ceremonies.

 Rohini Nakshatra is owned by Prajapati, the deity and patron of humanity and procreation, also by Lord Brahma, the deity of creation. Its planetary ruler is Chandra or Soma (Moon). Its symbols are a razor, temple, or banyan tree. This Nakshatra embodies the shakti that fosters growth and creativity. This Nakshatra is beneficial for actions related to medicine and healing, deep reflecting, introspecting, self improvement, spending time in nature, marriage and match making, collecting debts, beginning construction of temples, palaces, and government buildings, enthroning deity murthis (sculptures), first use of ornaments, and all auspicious activities in general.

Purva Ashada Nakshatra is owned by Varuna, deity of the cosmic waters. Its planetary ruler is Veli or Sukra (Venus). Purva Ashada translates as モImmediate Victoryヤ, モUnstopableヤ, or モUndefeatedヤ. Its symbols are a winnowing basket or fan, which are both used to separate that which is useful from that which is useless. This Nakshatra grants invigoration. This Nakshatra gives good results for the commencement of activities directed at self mastery, spiritual development, to develop and achieve siddhi in a short time, fasts, austerities, meditation, funeral rites, buying and selling four legged animals, pilgrimages, borrowing and paying off loans, reconciliation, revitalizing, water travel and transport, sailing, sea navigation, visiting ancient places, sensual pleasure.

Revati Nakshatra is owned by Pushan Aditya, one of the 12 sons of Aditi devi. He is the patron of meetings, and is prayed to for safe travels. His offerings usually consist of liquids and soups due to the fact that he has no teeth. Revatis planetary ruler is Budh (Mercury). Revatis symbols are a double headed drum (Dhol) or a fish swimming in the sea. This Nakshatra gives favorable results with business dealings, financial dealings, exchanging or trading goods, charity, studying occult sciences or spiritual teachings, healing illnesses, meeting travelers, welcoming visitors, leisure and relaxation, bringing activities to completion.

Krittika Nakshatra is owned by Agni, the deity of fire and sacrifice. Its ruling planet is Surya (Sun). This Nakshatra carries the shakti (divine enrgy) to burn and cut away defilement. Its symbol is an axe, scalpel, or flame. This Nakshatra is useful for carrying out brazen and aggressive actions, for warfare, battle, Brahmin fire rituals and Homam for certain deities, winning competitions, breaking old habits, military strategies, cooking, arguments, and workingwith metals.

Shatabishak Nakshatra is owned by Durga, the victorious and fierce devi, heavily armed, riding a tiger, who is swift to defend her children and grant their requests when they chant her mantras and visualize her form. The planetary ruler of this Nakshatra is Rahu. Its symbol is an ox cart, or a round charm. Shatabishak translates to 100 Healers, 100 Stars, or 100 Flowers. The divine energy of this Nakshatra is that of healing. Good results will be achieved during this Nakshatra from contracts, business deals, signing for houses, land and properties, herbological pursuits, education, travel, recreation, sensuality, astrology, medicinal preparations, healing or correctional therapies, media events, advertising, promotions, going to beaches or visiting the sea.

Pushya Nakshatra is owned by Agni, the deity of fire and sacrifice. Also owned by Brihaspati, the divine teacher and priest. Pushyami embodies the shakti which distributes spiritual energy to the physical plane. Its planetary ruler is Shani (Saturn).Its symbol is the lotus, a circle, or an arrow beneath the sacred cow. This Nakshatra is useful for carrying out brazen and aggressive actions, seeking legal assistance, cooking for large groups, seeking guidance, activities involving a persons mother or her relatives, for warfare, battle, Brahmin fire rituals and Homam for certain deities, winning competitions, arguments, and working with metals.

Jyeshtha Nakshatra is owned by Indra, great warrior and king of devas, of lightning, monsoon rains, flash flooding, and river flows. Its symbols are the parasol and earring or ear ornament, iconic symbols of battle and warriors in ancient India. Its planetary ruler is Budh (Mercury). The divine energy transferred by this Nakshatra grants the power to rise in greatness, defeat opponents, and grants courage and strength in battle. This Nakshatra gives good results for ear piercing, cutting hair, involvement with flames, poisons, confronting enemies, hiring servants or employees, usurping properties and resources from others, making purchases and sales, activities that require aggression, and defensive or aggressive magic, protection, fortification, forming strategies and plots, setting boundaries, gaining control, exerting harsh measures, expressing authority, occultism, serious meetings and discussions, planning, and discipline.

Punarvasu Nakshatra is owned by The Sun deity, Aditi or Surya, mother of the gods. Its symbol is a bow and quiver of arrows. Its planetary ruler is Guru (Jupiter). Punarvasu embodies the divine energy which grants wealth and abundance. This Nakshatra is beneficial for all health and medicine related activities, renewing relationships, commencing medicines, beginning remedies, travel, fashioning jewelry and ornaments, laying of foundations, beginning fasts, repairing vehicles, agricultural activities, and commencing lessons.

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is also owned by Aryaman, the deva of contracts and ties. This Nakshatra carries the divine energy that helps give and receive benevolence. Also ideal for beginning relationships and forming new ties with long lasting results. This Nakshatra is beneficial for commencing joint ventures, first meetings, inaugurations, charity, large scale ceremonies, diplomacy, introducing 3rd parties, inductions, coronations, grand openings, moving into new buildings and houses.

Magha Nakshatra is owned buy the Pitiri Mani, or ancestral fathers and defenders of humanity. Magha translates as モThe Mighty Oneヤ and the ruling planet is Ketu. Its symbol is a royal palanquin. This Nakshatra carries the divine energy responsible for astral travel and the separation of the soul and body. This Nakshatra is beneficial for praying to ancestors and making offerings, marriage, historical research, tracing ancestry, visiting fathers relatives, donating gifts, settling arguments, asking favors from superiors, studying ancient knowledge, legends, or folklore, religious activities, going to battle and all activities that require courage.

Swati Nakshatra is owned by Vayu, the deity of wind and air, Father of Hanuman. Also owned by Swarasvati, the celestial musician and deva of education. Its planetary ruler is Rahu. Its symbols are a male buffalo, a drop of liquid or the shoot of a plant. It may also be represented by a sword, a priest or a priestess. The energy of this Nakshatra has the ability to scatter things and clear them in a way that purifies and brings satisfaction. Activities favorable to this Nakshatra include agricultural pursuits, planting, sowing seeds, buying and driving new vehicles, commencing education, all activities that require a level head and focus and studying music.

Vishaka Nakshatra is owned by Radha, the divine escort of Krishna. Its planetary ruler is Guru (Jupiter).This Nakshatra has the ability to grant great achievements. This Nakshatra is beneficial for all agriculture related activities, digging wells, accomplishing tasks, exerting aggression, winning arguments and debates, focusing on goals, celebrations, coronations and award ceremonies, ornamentation, romantic pursuits, irrigation, all undertakings that require courage and quick thinking.

Uttara Ashada Nakshatra is owned by the 10 Vishvadevas, alternately Lord Shiva. Its planetary ruler is Surya (Sun). Its symbol is the tusk of an elephant. This Nakshatra carries with it the divine energy which grants victory that cannot be challenged, though achieved over time. This Nakshatra gives good results for the commencement of activities to achieve long term stability and success, building houses, laying foundations, digging wells, preventative medicine, exercise, treatment of long standing physical challenges, planning events, spiritual activities and rituals, business affairs, signing contracts, seeking promotion, seeking favor from authorities/government, artistic pursuits and legal matters.

Hasta Nakshatra is owned by the solar deity Savitar. Its symbol is a hand. The shakti of this Nakshatra allows one to attain goals and objectives with clear sight. Its planetary ruler is Chandra or Soma (Moon). Astrologers seek divine blessings and insight through this Nakshatra in order to receive illumination from Savitar, who connects them to the superior consciousness. This Nakshatra is good for commencement of Gayatri mantra japa to strengthen intellect and discernment, for making sales, studying medicine, preparing medicines, fashioning jewelry and ornaments, wearing jewelry for the 1st time, piercing ears and nose, applying khol and cosmetics, applying Bhindi, marriage, commencing education for children, cosmetic treatments, beginning processions, buying precious stones, starting medical treatment, coronation, enthronement, digging wells, religious sacrifice and offerings, meeting superiors and government officials, fashioning new clay vessels, travel, changing houses, building houses and all auspicious activities.

Moola Nakshatra is owned by the tantrik goddess Dhumvati, the Lawless One. The Smoky One. One of the attendants of the cremation grounds under Kali Ma. This Nakshatras planetary ruler is Ketu. Its symbol is a bundle of tied roots. This is a Nakshatra of occultism and tantrik rites. The energy carried by this Nakshatra is conducive to ruining, destroying, seperating, and breaking apart. Conversely, this same energy current is excellent for removing the veilbetween the living and the dead, shielding from dark forces, and immobilizing aggressors. This Nakshatra gives good results for all tantrik rituals of a more serious nature including exorcisms, removing corrupt officials from high places, finding criminals, investigations, taking herbal preparations, forcefulness, initiation into occult sciences and astrology, retribution, and rectification of situations caused by enemies.

Dhanista Nakshatra is owned by the 8 Vasu devas. Its planetary ruler is Mangal (Mars). Its symbol is a drum. This Nakshatra embodies the divine energy that grants abundance and fame. This Nakshatra is favorable for anything involving music, drumming, parties, social gatherings, travel,

Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra is owned by Ahir Bhudhanya, the great sea serpent. Its ruling planet is Shani (Saturn). Its symbol is the funeral cot or serpents head. This Nakshatras brings blessings to activities aimed at peacemaking, spiritual development, meditation, marriage, sensual pleasure, financial activity, seeking support from others, artistic pursuits, treatment of illnesses, gardening, and taking oaths.

Purva Bhadra Nakshatra is owned by Ekapada Shiva. Its planetary ruler is Guru (Jupiter). Its symbol is a sword. This Nakshatra bestows favorable results for activities that involve an element of danger, taking risks, funerals, funeral arrangements and meetings, agriculture, water related activities, and bringing large ventures to a close.

Asvini Nakshatra is owned by the Aswini Kumaras, or the divine twin horsemen, sons of the Sun and the cloud goddess Saranyu. The Suns charioteers. The Aswini Kumaras are also known as divine physicians. Its planetary ruler is Ketu. This Nakshatra embodies the divine energy that allows swift corrections and healing also for quick attainment. Its symbol is a horses head and is an auspicious Nakshatra for activities such as travel, taking medicine, making ornaments, beginning lessons, beginning architectural studies, buying or selling or starting a journey via elephants or other vehicles.

Chitra Nakshatra is owned by Vishwakarma, the celestial architect and mason. Its planetary ruler is Mangal or Kuja (Mars). Its symbol is a bright jewel or a pearl. Chitra translates to モThe Beautiful Oneヤ or モBeautiful Imagesヤ. The energy embodied by this Nakshatra allows one to accumulate good merit during the current frame of existence. This Nakshatra is associated with fashioning things by hand and building objects or structures. This Nakshatra is good for sensual pleasure, marriage, commencing studies, building vehicles, buying horses, buying new vehicles, artistic painting, home decoration, interior design, all activities that require charisma and exquisiteness, enhancing attractive qualities, and commencing medical treatment.

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