Good and Evil

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Good and Evil


I was asked by someone what good and evil is, and what is good and what is evil.  Well first of all, I feel it is very important to never have another decide this for you.  Most especially a someone who has their own biases or ulterior motives (for example the bible of a particular religion).  Even if someone has good intentions and thinks that they themselves are the ultimate example of “good”, it doesn’t necessarily mean so.  How often have we known or met someone who thinks what they do is right and ethical and meanwhile it looks like, from a mile away, that they are extremely misguided?!   If one really wants an outside force to help guide them as to what good and evil is, I recommend getting ahold of your favorite Deity and having a chat.  


Just because the bible is the best selling book ever published, does not mean that it is accurate for everyone.  And if it were, would this be stating that various other religions are wrong?  Something to ponder ;).


OK so here is the good and evil exercise.  I have listed a series of questions below, for you to contemplate and answer each one with a few sentences.  


  1. Am I evil?

  2. Are you evil?

  3. Is your ex (lover, teacher, boss) evil?  No really….  Why?  And if yes, then are they evil to their friends and family, or just you? 

  4. Is the Christian God evil?  If yes, then why/how?  If no, then why now and how not?  

  5. Is Satan evil?   If yes, then why/how?  If no, then why now and how not?  

  6. Is money evil?

  7. Is Kali evil?  Hades?  Lucifer?  Set?

  8. Are the Daemons evil?  Why or why not?

  9. Are werewolves evil?

  10. Vampires?  

  11. Which creatures or beings would you lump all together and call evil?  

  12. Are headhunters evil?

  13. Are soldiers who kill other soldiers from another country evil?  The ones who kill civilians?

  14. How are they different than headhunters who kill members of the warring tribe?

  15. Is the government evil?

  16. Is someone who steals food evil?  How about someone who can’t afford to buy any?

  17. Is cursing evil?  If so, is it evil when used to protect oneself, friends or family?  

  18. Is performing magic to change another’s mind and how they would normally go about things, evil?  For example persuasion magic?  Love magic?  Lust magic?  

  19. Is the death penalty evil?

  20. Is breaking the law to help another who needs it evil?  

  21. Is a person evil when they do things which seem really evil, yet they are completely unaware, and they think they are doing good things?  

  22. Are the people who ran the coolaid cults evil?  

  23. Were the 911 bombers evil?  If they went into it because america had already killed thousands of their people, are hey still evil?  Are the people who wish them well evil?  Are the people who wish they would just die evil?

  24. Are Satanists evil?  Are Theistic Satanists evil (the ones who actually work with and believe in the being Satan)

  25. Are selfish people evil?

  26. Is a person who is insane, yet kills a person, evil?  Hurts a person?

  27. Are people who do atrocious things (such as drunk driving and kill someone) evil?  People under the influence of drugs who shoot someone, evil?  

  28. Someone murdered several people years ago but has changed their ways and no longer even harms people.  Are they evil?
  29. Somone who accidentally kills someone?  Someone who kills someone due to being extremely irresponsible but doesn't realize?
  30. A person who thinks about hurting and torturing people all the time, and hates most people and the world, but never does actually hurt anyone (accept perhaps a few mean words), are they evil?


If you haven’t already, go back through each of the questions thinking about the why or why not.  Then think about exceptions to the rule for each and every single one.  For example, sure Hitler’s troops were pretty evil, how about those who were forced into it for fear of death?  Or those who watched family members die due to their non cooperation?  Or those who help the elderly by carrying their groceries, walking with them at night so they are safe and doing some chores around their house… they are “good” right?  How about those with the intention of scooping up the inheritance when the person they are helping eventually passes on?  What if it’s a bit of both, wanting to help, and hoping to cash in?  What if they didn’t call 911 one time when they really should have and it resulted in the person’s death?  What if they didn’t call due to fear or shock?  


A lot of shades of grey aren’t there? ;)


Are you evil?  Am I who visits cemeteries regularly to work with the dead and works with Daemons evil?  


Are religions who brainwash people evil, even though they feel it is for the best for each person?  

Are those who hurt others, because they were hurt so badly themselves and know no different, evil?


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