Abramelin Advice on performing the operation

Various tidbits of advice for the working.



Various tidbits of advice for the working.

It has been brought up many times that only folks with several years of experience should perform the Abramelin operation.  Some folks say that those with more experience beforehand are better suited to it, or have an eaiser time at it.


The Abramelin path is a bit larger and stronger than all that.  It is its own path, and it gives each person their own individual challenges.  What one has practiced beforehand it mostly irrelvant.  However there are both positive as well as negative things which come up whether you have previous experience or not.

If you have previous experience, you have the one positive aspect that you know that you have to keep practicing no matter what, that you don't just go and give up because at some points on the path it feels as though things aren't work, going terribly, or you feel you have lost all of your ability.  That is just one of those challenges.  Though for folks who have already met such challenges a time or few, it doesn't mean that they are any easier during the Abramelin working than for folks who have not already been there, done that wit these particular types of challenges, it just means that it is uppped a bit for you ;). 

The next difference is the amount of unlearning one must do.  During the Abramelin operation, it really does hold you back and limit you, a lot, if you stick to your old beleifs, your old system of magic and your old ways of doing things.  Of course, sticking with the original religion you are raised with is perfectly acceptible, and actually encouraged (required even) by the book. Howeever expending to a deeper knowing and experience with your relgion is important in my opinion. 

So whether you have previous experience or not, is no excuse to hold off on performing the working.  Whether someone else has or had previous experience or not, is no excuse for you t ocompare yourself to them, compare them to others or to judge them favorably or poorly. 

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