Enochian Magick and healing

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I have found the Enochian entities to be quite expert at healing.  They also teach healing in an experiential manner if you ask.  Obviously you will want to combine the healing from Enochian with allopathic medicine, aka your MD.  Healing works on many planes and levels, so obviously you will not want to leave our this physical one.  If you prefer Naturopathic medicine that works as well of course.  The one good thing about modern medicine is the extensive testing methods in which we have; these can be utilized alongside Enochian healing to see how it is working and how it's going.  Do keep in mind that you usually won't see a cure overnight for major health issues or illnesses.  With smaller things, sometimes the Enochian Entities really can fix something immediately! 

For more major health challenges, it is recommended that you perform regular Enochian workings for several months to years.  You can often find that the health does get better over time.  It might not be noticeable at first, since a slight improvement day by day isn't an in your face type of result.  Instead I recommend that you think about how you were doing one year ago, 5 years ago and so on and so forth.

When performing Enochian healing rituals I recommend frankincense incense smoke, fresh herbs, and water placed out for the Enochian entities.  Some may view this as a trade, while other may see this as supplies needed to get the work done.  If you are wondering what exactly to put out for them, I recommend simply asking the Enochian entities themselves.  This can be done via skrying, evocation, or whichever method that you usually use to call upon various spirit.

Within the Enochian system of magick, there are also specific Enochian entities which specialize in healing.  Some of the Heptarchy Enochian Angels, as well as some of the great table spirits.  For example the 16 Angels who are the most skilled and powerful in Medicine, found within the great table. (what many think of as the watchtower tablets) Here are the names of the Enochian Angels of healing and medicine from the great table sub squares: IDOIGO, ARDZA, ANGPOI, VNNAX, OLGOTA, OALCO, NOALMR, OLOAGCzns/Czons, Tott/Toitt, Sias/Sigas, Fmnd/Fmond, Aira/Aigra, Orrrul/Orpmn, Rsni/Rsoni, Iznr/Izinr, Taco/Tagco, Nhdd/Nhodd, Paax/Patax, Saiz/Saaiz, Opmn/Opall, Apst/Aplst, Scio/Scmio, Vasg/Varsg

Quite obviously you will want to do a bit of research (in actual books, NOT on the internet) about each of these spirits, to learn about where they are positioned on the great table, which particular prayers are used to call upon them, and what their natures are.  I do recommend skrying each of the ones you plan to work with first to ask them specifically if they can, and are willing to help you out, as well as to ask how to specifically work with them in particular, for you in particular.

Also interesting to note, is that one of the very few ritual workings that John Dee and Edward Kelly performed and included in the Enochian diaries, was that of a healing talisman!  You can use the same principals and methods if you wish to create your own Enochian healing talisman.  The healing talisman in which they constructed was specifically utilizing the Bonorum spirits.  If you would like specifics and more information on this you can checkout my Advanced Enochian grimoire, as well as reading the original diaries.  Fortunately they have all been transcribed and published in Klein's 2-3 volume book set.

 If you feel that you aren't good enough at scrying, it is honestly more often than not a problem with doubting more than any lack of ability.  If skrying really isn't for you, then it is best to figure out a method of spirit communication which does work for you.  Some people go with impressions, some go with tarot card readings, some employ a scryer (such as how Dee went about it), and others will use a pendulum to get yes/no responses.  Fortunately the more that you practice, the better you get at it.  There are very few people who receive movie worthy vivid images when skrying!  Don't believe the hype.  It's often far more subtle than that, especially at first.  Also, it doesn't happen overnight, spirit communication as well as skrying does take some time to develop.  The way to go about things is to just get started, do the best you can, and practice as often as possible.

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