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The various talismans, amulets and seals from the 6th and 7th books of Moses. The 6th and 7th Books of Moses first appeared in public during the 18th century in Germany and are largely derived from Kabbalistic grimoires and treatises. These are known as Tehillim and Psalms in other religious circles and are by and large a collection of written and spoken spells. The 6th and 7th books, like many early grimoires contain a great deal of talismanic magic and cover a wide range of magical procedures to bring about desired outcomes. The 6th and 7th Books of Moses eventually found their way into Anglophone West Africa, the Caribbean, and the mainland US, where they became a part of the already established magical traditions. The more ancient use of Tehillim is found within the Judaic traditions which attribute these books to prophets and angels, and have long been used in talismanic magic.
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