We do things differently around here.  We create each and every tool specifically for you, when you order.  This means that the tool is made for you in particular.  These are not mass produced in some factory, nor are they just randomly made; they are created by a practitioner with more than 30 years of experience in the magical arts.  Each and every tool is specific to your energy, your path, and your spirit.  We don't have a stack of 20 Lemegeton circles laying around.  It does take 2-4 weeks to create each tool, yet the difference is more than worth it.  Most magical tools found around the internet and in stores, are just printed out on wood or fabric, and rarely if ever hand painted.  Jewelry that is found around in other places doesn't have the actual entity invoked into it, like ours does.  Also, ours are made with jewelry grade pure metals.  We don't use random mixed materials.  We utilize the materials closest to what is used, and how things were made, back when the grimoires we all use, were originally written.  

I create, by hand, Daemon cast seals, altars, shrines, altar cloths, Daemon specific incenses, baths and oils, and will even create your spell powders with the presence and perhaps help of a particular Daemon if that is your preference. I will also perform an evocation on your behalf, either for information, spellwork, specific help, healing, or even pacts if they are well thought out. No pacts have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with selling your soul; don't even ask (since you won't get a response). 

Each and every one of the Daemon items I create for you is made in sacred space. Oh sure everyone says that! Though in this case I actually mean it. I have two temple areas set up. One of them is for the Daemons as well as select Deities. By temple space I mean altars, offerings, candles, sacred items, the Daemon's seals in metal, gemstones and so forth, and various bits of magick work going. Where else would be more appropriate than that to create a Daemon item? The Daemon seals on the otherhand, the wax is worked on in sacred space; they are not cast in the sacred space since the fumes are not conducive to indoor closed off areas without fume hoods. Then the seals are bought back into the temple space, and often stored on the appropriate altar or shrine.

In some cases, I will ask the particular Daemon to bless the item; the incense, oil, bath, seal, and so forth. In all cases I will ask them to bless an altar or altar cloth, unless of course you would prefer that I do not.

The sacred space or the Daemons is a full time temple with daily offerings, rituals and work being done. If this however makes you a bit uncomfortable, I also have another temple which is more focused towards Enochian :).