The 4 Elements of Enochian Magick

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The four elements are the building blocks of magick and are the starting point within any system; they are the basis of the material as well as the metaphysical universe. Every aspect of magick is a function of one or more of the elements Every magickal force, as well as physical object, are comprised of these four elements. The great table, which makes up a large part of the Enochian system is a representation of the four elements along with the sub elements. Angels and energies that make up these four elements are contained within the great table. When working magick we are manipulating these basic elemental forces. The magickal four elements are not the same as their physical counterparts. The physical correlations do have a lot in common with the metaphysical elements, however they are quite different. I see the spiritual aspects of earth, air, water and fire to be the 'higher selves' of the physical earth, air, water and fire that we see everyday. Each person has a higher or spiritual self, and so do these elements. For example, water 'flows' from one place to another, and the spiritual element of water rules over such 'flowey' things as emotions and love.

Earth correlates with:

The home, grounding, finances, mother earth and nature, the body, material objects, work, building, foundations, wealth, manifestation,

Air correlates with:

Thoughts, intellect, swiftness, legal matters, electronics, education, memory, computers, communication

Water correlates with:

Emotions, love, psychism, flow, depression, addictions,

Fire correlates with:

Energy, strength, sex, fighting, courage, ambition, drive


These are just a few examples of the elemental correspondences. The magickian should study several books on magick in general to learn more about each element as you are about to be working with them. The examples above are just meant to get you started. The original Enochian diaries did not contain any information about these elements as they would have already been known by Dee and Kelly. As you work through this book and are connecting with each element, be sure to take notes as well as compile your own list of attributes of each of the elements that you come learn during the workings. As you are connecting with the elements, you will likely suddenly get the impression or inspiration of certain qualities or attributes that are associated with each element. Write down all impressions, even if they sound silly at the time, they will make much more sense later once you have worked magick for awhile. Also, once you gain a deeper understanding you will be able to discern which are more accurate than others.

To help work with the four elements, as well as get you started in Enochian a representation of the great table should be constructed. This can be done in one complete table, or in 5 separate elemental tablets. The great table was delivered by the angels as one complete table, however modern magickians have divided this table up into it’s elemental quarters, and have found this to work quite effectively as well. These tablets should be constructed in the original colours. If you have made a set of Enochian tablets in colours other than the angels delivered, you may choose to remake them, or work with the tablets you are familiar with. The original colours are: Red, White, Green and Black. Looking at the various skrying sessions, I use this layout.


East, Fire and ORO IBAH AOZPI - Red

South, Air and MOR DIAL HCTGA - White

West,, Water and MPH ARSL GAIOL - Green

North, Earth and OIP TEAA PDOCE - Black.


 The central cross, or tablet of union (EXARP, BITOM, HCOMA, NANTA) should be left white, or painted gold. I use the colour gold to represent the higher spiritual nature of the tablet. This layout is not necessarily the ‘correct’ version. The angels were not entirely clear when they dictated the directions, or the elemental correspondences of the four quarters of the great table. There are many different versions of the great table by practitioners. This is an area that the student should look into.

This great table, or these four tablets can be meditated upon, and placed within the magickians area of working. This is more important than the magickian may realize at this point, however this helps you get the know the tablets, and therefore the system. You will gain a basic understanding of the elemental nature of the system on a physical as well as subconscious level. This will also give you time to adapt to the subtle energies of the enochian system. Properly made, the tablets take some time to construct. In the meantime I recommend making the great table on the computer and printing it out, so that you have a version for meditation. There are several versions at that you can use, or you can construct your own using excel, word, WordPerfect or any other software that includes table making abilities in different colours.

As you meditate on the elemental quarter tables, you can also contemplate the use and qualities of the representative elements. The names on the tablets will help you ‘get there’. I have listed a few of the common qualities of these four elements above to help you get started, and have gone into greater detail in the section on connecting with the elements. The great table is composed of the four elements, however it also contains sub elements, planetary attributions, and in some ways, astrological attributions. After you have gained some experience you can broaden your meditation focus from just the elemental attributions. Start by focusing on the elemental attribution, then after you have a good connecting with that aspect, allow yourself to open up to all the energies present within the great table.

None of these methods used for connecting with the four elements are contained within the diaries; however I believe they are essential if you wish to comprehend magick. Both John Dee and Edward Kelly had been familiar with magick for quite some time before the skrying sessions started. They both obviously had the feel for the elements down, and most likely had worked with the five elements in their alchemical work. Dee and Kelly were fortunate to live at a time where they had access to the original writings about the four elements. It is these very same writings that modern magickal lodges and authors draw their information from. If you wish to look at some of the original writings about the elements be sure to read: The Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry.C. Agrippa, Parcelius, Hermes Trismagithus, etc. Elaborate on the list of authors here .

For a more modern, and more understandable approach to the elemental system of magick I highly recommend Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Magick, and Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics. Both of these works contain exercises that help one become more familiar with the four elements.


Another effective method of getting to know the Enochian universe and the Enochian tablets better, is to travel within them. Traveling within the tablets can be done in several ways; one of the most effective methods is to astraly 'jump' thought the squares on the tablet you are interested in. This should only be attempted once you have the basics of ritual down, as well as have a good handle on meditation. To astral travel the great table, it is best to construct a microcosmic version of the great table, or 4 smaller tablets (as in the GD system) first. Astral projection may seem difficult to some at first; however, one can use guided visualization and imagination until they have mastered full astral projection. To astral project, the astral body leaves the physical body and travels forth. When this is done, your consciousness should be relocated to the astral body so that the magickian can see, hear, and comprehend what is happening. In the Enochian system of magick, much of the work involves the magickian traveling through the multitude of Enochian realms.


When we work magick, we can bring the magick ‘down’ to our world and reality, or we can travel to the less dense worlds. The benefit of us traveling to their planes is that we learn so much more about the system. Also, it is not our physical self that works the magick, it is our higher self. We have access to these higher aspects of ourselves when we meditate, or go to other planes of existence. Also, contact can be made much more easily with the Enochian entities when we travel into their realm. Keep in mind that when you do travel into the squares, or any other area for that matter, be sure to test any entity that you meet. By test the entity I mean, make sure that it is not just a figment of your imagination, or perhaps an entity that means harm. For example to sense whether a particular entity will help, or hinder you, you can project a symbol of their element at them. You can also call upon the power of the three great names of god upon the tablet that you are working with. If the figure vanishes, it probably was not one that you would have a worthy experience relating to. However if the figure stays around, you can talk to them, ask him or her to act as a guide, or ask general questions about the system. When you are done be sure to thank the entity for their help or information, as you might want to meet up with the same entity in the future and should acknowledge their help.

I have given a general, and basic, layout on how one can ‘travel’ within the Enochian great table.


 1. Decide your purpose for the working and choose an appropriate square or section

2 Clear your area, and banish unwanted influences with a suitable ritual

3. Construct the tablet or square you wish to work with if this is not already done

4. Do the corresponding elemental invoking rituals or prayers

5. Meditate and enter into an altered state

6. Recite the corresponding key

7. 'See' the particular square or section grow larger, into the size of a doorway

8. Vibrate the corresponding names connected with the particular square or section

9. Ask for a guide

10. Draw the corresponding pentagrams and elemental signs

11. Travel around the area. Be sure to test any entity encountered. Ask questions of friendly entities if you wish.


12. Trace your steps back to where you began

13. Thank your guide

14. Bring yourself back into your body

15. Do the appropriate closing rituals


The magickian must come to know these elemental forces intimatly as well as have some magickal control over them for effective workings. This is not to say that the magickian is controlling air for example, it is more to say that the magickian can manipulate the forces of air without air getting the better of her. For example if you are known to lose focus very easily, once you start working with air, and gain a better control of the element, you will come to notice that you are also better able to bring yourself back onto focus. If however you skip the air practices and start working with air, you may find yourself even more scattered! To connect with each of these elements, it helps to get in touch with their physical counterparts. This gives a basis for understanding, something that we already know that we can relate to. I have listed several exercises below that will help the student to become in tune with each of the four elements.


Only work on one element at a time using these exercises, and do not move onto the next element until the first one is mastered. One to three months per element should be sufficient. Anything less will lead to an improper understanding, and anything more will most likely bore the student!




 To connect with earth the student can start out by drawing or printing out the earth quarter of the great table, or concentrating on that quarter of the entire great table. This tablet can be placed in a prominent area of working while you spend time in the earth element. The earth symbol above the tablet can be drawn out and carried with you if desired to enhance this effect. The main names upon the earth tablet should be memorized. These names include:

Bitom - The name upon the great cross ruling over earth.

Oip Teaa Pdoce - The three god names ruling the quarter.


Eldprnna - The passive or negative king force.

Edlprnna - The active or positive king force.

Seniors Fill in

Angels of the crosses names Fill in


To connect with the earth element it is necessary to get out of the house and into nature. This is Earth we are talking about. A weekend camping trip while practicing these exercises would be optimal. A deep forest is an optimal location to connect with the earth. The more time spent actually touching the earth the better. Once you have chosen your earthy spot, get down on the ground and roll around! This may seem silly as a magickal exercise, however our day to day life is just as silly. This may seem unconventional. However the conventional ceremonial magick methods for connecting with Earth can always be enhanced. If possible bringing a guide book and try to recognize some of the trees and shrubs around the area. This practice will help with the connection, and guidebooks can easily be obtained from any library or bookstore. If you can go further and identify a few of the mushrooms, bracken or lichens all the better. If you are camping lay out your sleeping pallet as close to the ground as you can considering the climate. This exercise is best done alone, or with another person who is working to connect with the earth as well.

Once you reach your location for connecting with the earth, whether it be camping, or a walk in the woods, start by meditating for at least 20 minutes or longer until you have reached an altered and calm state. Draw the alchemical symbol of Earth in the North. While you are sitting on the earth in your chosen location, feel the cool dry aspects of the element. Feel the life within the earth, feel the grounding, nurturing, and stable aspect of this element. Feel as though you and the earth are as one. Feel as though there is no separation or difference between you and the earth that you are laying upon. Feel what it is like to compost the vegetation, to be the base for the creatures of the world, to have small living creatures within you, to create life, to be grounded and peaceful. Lose the idea of your human form and take on the form of a tree, earth or a rock. Next, lose the concept of the human lifestyle, feel what it is like to be a tree of a few hundred years old, or a patient rock of thousands of years old.

Next practice your contemplation ritual (you should be quite good at this by now) in your area of choice. Contemplate the feelings and magickal uses of the element of earth. Contemplate how solid earth is and how it can be used for manifestation. Contemplate the subtle energies that the earth emits. After contemplating the aspect of earth for a good time, feel with your heart the spiritual or 'higher' aspect of the element of earth. Feel earth's spiritual aspect. Recognize this as an energy that you have always known and felt, just that you did not realize it for what it was. Remember that this is an energy that you have always been in tune with, and have just forgotten. Be sure to take detailed notes on both of these experiences, as they will prove invaluable in the future.


While you are in the forest you can vibrate or say the divine names (quietly or inwardly if other people are around) upon the earth tablet. This will enhance the overall effect of the experience. As you vibrate each of the Enochian names feel a greater connection with the earth element and the Enochian universe. At this point you do not need to do anything specific, just vibrate the names and feel the earthly connection. While you are doing this, you can start a list of different things that you can use the magickal energies of earth for. If you do not feel that you are getting anything out of these exercises, you may have forgotten to let go. Let go of your preconceptions about what is about to happen; let go of your preconceptions about how this is a pile of utter nonsense; let go of your usual methods of perceiving the world around you.

After you have completed your camping trip or initial connection with earth, be sure to keep repeating the process as often as you can for at least one to three months. You do not have to go on an extended camping trip or into the deep woods each time, there are several heavily wooded areas that can even be found in city parks. The

important part is to stay connected, and repetition. We did not learn to ride a bike by going out once or twice, we learned it by repetition. It is the same with learning how to connect with the elements, practice!

Once you have been doing these exercises for awhile, you will start to notice more stability and grounding in your life. You may notice more money coming in, or perhaps a change in your job situation, usually this would be for the better. You may also notice that you are thinking more about money, your future, your house and your family. Earth can also bring drowsiness, slow moving, laziness and stubbornness! These exercises will bring about the grounding and stability that you need and desire for your practice. If however you have been putting off a job change that you know you need, earth might just end up being the motivating factor. Earth sets our foundation.

Names for Earth




To connect the energies of air, the magickian should go to a place with a great deal of wind. Strong winds can often be found more presently on the tops of mountains or at ocean shores. When connecting with the element of air, imagine and feel the element of air being 'breathed' into your body and through all of your pores, then feel it blowing through you and back out. As the air flows through you feel the lightness and airiness of it, as well as feeling the element of air within you. As you work with air, feel it's warm and moist attributes. Contemplate on the magick that can be worked with this element, as well as the swiftness that air brings your magick to you. As you work with air you may notice that your thoughts are more clear and organized as air rules the intellect. This exercise should be done when there are high winds, as well as when there are gentle breezes, to gain an overall understanding of the element.

Start with at least fifteen minutes of meditation to bring you into the proper receptive state, then shift your focus to that of the wind blowing. Draw the alchemical symbol of air in the east. Feel the wind blowing all around you, then imagine and feel it blowing through you. Start to feel yourself connecting with the air energy. Feel as though you and the air are one. Feel yourself lose sense of your physical shape and solidness. Feel yourself blow around in the sky just as the wind. Feel what it is like to be light and airy. Start to perceive what it is like to blow things around, to be the gentle breeze on someone's face, to move swiftly and effortlessly, and to be completely free. While you are doing this exercise, contemplate the increased thoughts and the magick that can be used with this element. Speak and know the power of the spoken word. When we work magick, the power of our voice and our spoken intent sends our focus and will into action. To further connect with this aspect, one can speak, vibrate, chant, sing and yell the magickal names to assess the different currents that our voice creates.

When you are working in the air element you may notice overall, more flightiness, more analytical, more intellectual in your thinking, having a better, or perhaps worse memory than usual, constant thought streams, air headedness and slightly spacey. The Enochian names for air should be memorized while you are working with air.

Change them


The names to be memorized for air are as follows:

Exarp - Name upon the great cross for air

Oro Ibah Aozpi - Three god names that rule air

Bataivh - Active and positive king force on the tablet

Bataiva - Passive and negative kind force of tablet.



To connect with the energies of water, the student can submerse themselves into any large body of water. If it happens to be winter at the time, a bathtub full of water or pool will also work. It is best to start any of these exercises with at least a five minute meditation, then draw the alchemical symbol of water in the west. When you are in the water feel the cold and moist energies that are associated with water. When you are immersed in the water, notice that a large portion of your body is made up of water. Realize that water is needed for life. Feel the water all around you, then imagine and feel the water and yourself becoming one. Feel as though you are part of the water that surrounds you. Feel yourself moving and swaying; feel your tides moving in and out, feel the moon's influence on yourself. When you connect with water feel how you give life to all the creatures on the earth, how you are brought up into all plants and trees through osmosis and other processes. Feel the need for water when there is a draught, feel how you go with the flow, and flow past obstacles such as rocks and logs when you flow down a riverbed. Feel how you can be a gentle stream or a raging waterfall. Feel how you can be directed and shaped by containers but keep up a constant flow.

Contemplate the love and magickal attributes that are ruled by the element of water.

While you are working with water, feel your emotions welling up inside you. Notice that you are more giving and flowing in your day to day life. Notice that your psychic abilities and your ability to feel has picked up. Notice how you feel less solid, and perhaps more indecisive.


The names that are to be memorized for the element of water are:

Hcoma - The spirit name for water on the great cross.

Mph Arsl Gaiol - The three banner names of god for the west and water.

Raagios - The active and positive king force for the tablet

Raagiol - The passive and negative king force for the tablet



Fire should be worked with carefully, from both a physical and metaphysical standpoint. The fire element is quite strong, and can also be destructive or get out of control, just as it's physical counterpart. Fire is worked with last out of the four elements as it is more difficult for most to work with. Fire is perfectly safe to work with as long as one is careful. To merge with the fire element, a fireplace, controled campfire, fireplace, or even a candle can be used. A fire should be lit at the beginning of the working, with extra care made to be sure that the surrounding area is safe and that the fire cannot become out of control. Worries about the candle falling over, for example, during the ritual would be very distracting. It is sometimes amazing what can happen with fire when the area is charged with that element. After the fire is lit, start on the opening meditation. After this is completed, concentrate on the power, heat and flames of the fire. Connect with the firey energy and become as one. Feel as there is no seperation between you and the fire. Feel as though your solid shape is consumed by the fire and you are now a flame within the fire. Feel your powers of transformation and destruction, feel your heat that you give so that we may survive in the cold and cook our food, feel how the feul of the wood or wax intensifies you, feel

When working in the element of fire you may feel stronger, more powerful, angry, energized and may go through a good deal of transformation during this time.

The names to learn and memorize for the fire tablet are as follows:

Mor Dial Hctga - The three banner god name for the south and fire

Ickzchia - The active and positive king force for the tablet of fire

Ickzchil - The passive and negative king force for the tablet of fire.



I have briefly covered the four elements, however there are actually five elements when we include spirit. Spirit is most often considered one of the elements, but by others it is considered to be seperate. Spirit contains all four of the elements, earth, air, water and fire.

Working with spirit is slightly more difficult as there is not a physical representation in our material world for us to hold onto. There have been several dipictions made of 'god', however these dipictions are not useful for these exercises as they all contain limiations. When we put a form or set of attributes to spirit, we are limiting something that is limitless and formless. However, connecting with spirit is not as difficult as it may seem. For example, we are an aspect of spirit. Also, if you have been meditating for some time now you may have acheived various spiritual states, these spiritual states feel similar to the element of spirit.

To work with spirit the usual five minutes of meditation is done, then the alchemical spirit wheel symbol is drawn. The names from the great cross are then vibrated (Elexarpe, Comananu and Tabitom as well as Paraoan.

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