Herbs, roots, and resins

Herbs, roots and resins by the ounce, and by the pound. I am now offering herbs and resins which are commonly used in magic. I have first listed all of the incenses that I sell by the ounce, then further down I list a much greater variety which I sell by the pound. The 1lb quantity incenses are acquired to order, so please allow approximately 10-14 days after I receive your payment for me to ship your order. This may seem like a long time, but you are guaranteed the freshest product possible this way. If you have any special requests please do email as there isn't much I cannot get. However I only take special requests for 1lb or more of the herb, resin or other product. SPECIAL until it's sold out, then back to the regular price GALBANUM RESIN! Galbanum is extremely rare and difficult to find, so order now.