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Sort that Shit Out!

Sort that Shit Out!

As Magickians, part of our path is to overcome all hindrances, including ourselves at times ;).

You attract who and what you are

The types of spirits and energies which are around each of us is related to who we are as a person, what we spend most of our time thinking about and focusing on, as well as which spirits we already have around us.  This is also why we as psychics, intuitives and so forth can spot a nasty person a mile away.  Of course, sometimes we miss one, or get fooled, but that is generally because we ignored our very first impressions.  Basically, like attracts like.  Each individual spends their time focusing on different things; this changes our energy, as well as whole being really.  The folks who focus on hatred most of the time, are going to have extremely different life experiences than those who focus on more positive or neutral perspectives. 

This goes far far deeper than just positive thinking can change your life stuff though lol.  Each action, especially the major ones attract certain energies and spirits around us.  By major ones, I really mean ones in which affect us on an emotional or psychological level.  This is why some practitioners purposefully use societal or personal taboos in their spiritual work.  There is nothing like a deep-seated taboo being broken to trigger some quite powerful energy around oneself!  Needless to say, one wants to delve carefully into such purposeful practice and not just use it to become even more obsessed with certain actions and thoughts.  This is one of the downfalls of some who work the left-hand path, is that one actually becomes even more enmeshed in the false ego, instead of working past and beyond it. 

While most, especially mundane folks, do not realize it, our actions, thoughts and emotions also attract specific types of spirits around us.  Further, who we spend our time with also tends to alter our energy and can add to the whole picture of which energies and spirits are around us.  Some folks (such as Kardec) go all out with this sort of thing and are talking about the multitudes of spirits on the many different levels which surround us.  I’m however just going with the more close to physical and basic level of things.  Of course it is all related, but for this article I’m focusing on the more obvious, that many practitioners can perceive, that we knowingly call to work with, types of spirits. 

The most basic and obvious example is, if you walk downtown through skid row, and watch the folks who walk out of the seediest bars down there, you are likely able to perceive what types of spirits are following them home!  This is most especially true if they are drunk.  The spirits are really attached and dug in deep if they spend most of their time drunk.  Btw, this is not your homework, not recommended to do at 3am when the bars close, unless your skid row isn’t that bad!  Though a daytime jaunt could prove enlightening for many; leave your Rolex at home folks.  The drunk seedy bar example is just the most obvious, and easy to see and feel.  The same thing happens in many other areas, at other times and places.  Of course, not being such a shunned area and type of existence by society it is so much easier to just figure something of this sort is happening.  However, I have seen the exact same thing happen in the richest, cleanest, most well-respected neighborhoods when everyone was perfectly sober. 

Now keep in mind, I’m not writing this to turn everyone into a paranoid magickian!  The purpose of this article is more so we can stay aware of ourselves, and how our actions, thoughts, ways of being, who and what we associate with, can bring about and attract different things.  I’m sure you have seen it where people are just naturally drawn to others who are similar to them, or who they perceive to be similar to them.  Those of similar income class do this all the time, whether they realize it or not.  More obviously, people who dress similar to one another also pair up with each other, as do people in similar careers and so forth.  Well spirits and natural / universal energies are not different.  We are essentially surrounded by who and what we are. 

This is a pretty awesome thing for those who are genuinely happy and feel fulfilled a decent portion of the time.  This may seem less than ideal for folks who spend much of their time depressed, angry, or miserable.  This is most definitely not a good, nor useful thing for those who spend much of their time doing unethical acts.  Keep in mind though that I have a completely different definition of ethical vs unethical than most.  For the understanding of this particular article, it is important to see where I’m coming from with this.  What I mean by ethical versus unethical acts are the things which we truly and honestly feel good or alright about doing.  Oh sure, most of us can pretend, and say that what we are doing is alright and useful, but on a subconscious level, due to societal conditioning and the fact that in general people tend to feel remorse over any harmf…. oh pretty much everything really!  Seriously, we are terrible about this!  Not feeling worthy, regretting our actions, wondering if we did something good enough or the right way.  Then overthinking things when we have given in to anger in inappropriate situations, or even appropriate ones really.  We have been trained since an early age to feel guilt, or to blame others.  It really is part of our psyche in this society.

Due to this, usually subconscious, feeling of guilt, we raise a lot of energy during many actions and thoughts in our day to day lives.  Unresolved guilt from in our past is most definitely the worst when it comes to attracting the nastiest energies and spirits around us.  Out of all emotions and unresolved things in our lives, this really does emit the worst energy from a person.  The energy that we emit, does literally manifest things; by this I mean manifesting circumstances, people around us, energies, and even spirits.  I have actually seen when folks try to call a particular spirit that they do not yet know the proper way to call, and instead start to manifest their own unresolved gunk!  In one case, it was even starting to become a physical manifestation.  I used to do full time volunteer work at a residential treatment center for teens.  Most of them had grown up living more horrendous lives than most of us can actually imagine.  Thus, what energies and spirits were around them feeding off and doing their best to perpetuate the abuse, guilt, shame, violence, anger and so forth, would make any grimoiric Daemon or demon seem mild in comparison. 

The rest of us, just have smaller and lesser versions of this to sort through.  The amazing bit about the treatment center, is watching the transformation of each person over the 2 years they were there.  There was also focus on the spiritual components of each person’s life there as well, so that most definitely helped the healing process.  Sweat lodges, vision quests, some journeying work and psychism classes I was able to do with them, drum circles and so forth.  This was a really good example of how a holistic approach really is needed to work past things and create profound change.  I like to use large examples as it makes everything much more obvious, but it all also related to every person, in a smaller way, every day. 

The other main thing which attracts the nasty spirits and energy is fear.  Again, we are raised to fear, everything.  We have perfected this to such a level within ourselves that we even fear change, anything different than ourselves and our way of doing things, the unknown, and lack of control / letting go.  The whole we attract what we fear thing, has some credence.  Also, fear is a an extremely strong energy.  Some spirits, generally the type who just come to mess people up, feed off of fear, and it helps them to manifest more strongly. 

Generally, when you look at a magickian or other type of practitioner them, their energy and the types of spirits surrounding them match up in general ways.  It is not often that you see people with diametrically opposed spirits around them, though it does sometimes happen when folks do silly things like read books and keep calling a spirit which sounds really neat :D.  Generally though, we are the last to know if our energy or thoughts are not conducive to ourselves and our lives, and most never noticed a large percentage of the spirits which walk with them or are attached to them.  So, what to do about all this?

It goes both ways, our energies and thoughts attract certain types of spirits and energies, and certain types of spirits and energies around us can most definitely help to make sure certain thought patterns, ways of acting and being, as well as a flavor our general outlook.  Kind of a self-perpetuating cycle, isn’t it?  Oh hell, we even are influences by boring old no power mundane humans a lot of the time.  Ever noticed that sometimes you will act like those around you, or take up interests your friends have, or join in on some action that later you wonder what on earth were you thinking?  Well many beings are much stronger and more influential than humans, and having certain types of energy around you 24X7 is most definitely altering. 

The first thing to do is to become aware of your thoughts.  Of course, we all already know this, thanks to Bardon’s exercises.  If not, get on the whole watch and become aware of all of your own thoughts, 24X7.  It does take practice, but is most definitely worth it, and you might be surprised.  Then also start to watch the energies and spirits around you.  Are they the types of energies and spirits which you would want and trust around you when sleeping?  When you are at your weakest?  When you are working magick?  If so, than that is awesome and you have worked hard to have some strong invisibles around you.  If not, well then get to work, and have the ones which you connect the most with, are the strongest and that you trust the most to boot out the ones which are not conducive to your goals and your path.  This does take more than one go though, daily for a month perhaps, or sometimes more than only one month.  Just to make sure.  It’s good practice anyways.

One thing to keep in mind is, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to get rid of some particular spirits because others don’t like them, or even worse that you think others won’t like them.  If the others are our wise and highly respected teachers than it is best to listen to them of course, as they have been there, seen it all, done that.  But, if you are busily listening to others or going by what you think others want, instead of going with what your inner and higher self, and your main Deity know is right for you, then you are doing yourself a great disservice. 

Cleansing baths and house cleansings are one of the best methods to get rid of negative energies and hindering spirits around or on you.  I recommend my van van cologne, deads off powder and aura repair products, to sort this shit out :).

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