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Spellwork with the Daemons

I have been fortunate enough to receive proper teaching regarding working with the Daemons, for over 12 years about.  Before this I had already been practicing magic, and recieved a variety of quality (and some rather sub par along the way lol) teachings.  So I had a magic path which was taught bit by bit, which revolved around what I most wanted to learn more about; working with the Daemons.  I had performed a handful of evocations previous to this, over the years, most o them based on the Lemegeton.  I was then taught how to work with them, sans the threatening and belittling methods.  This was much more agreeable to my nature, as well as my preferences.  For example the time I threatened one of the Daemons to do such and such or I would burn his seal... he laughed and said "really?" LOL.  Well OK not really, not if it would really have adverse affects on said being.  Though I'm rather skeptical about this even working now... considering that I often heat Daemon seals to over 1000 degrees to solder bales onto them ;).  No complaints so far. 

So you are wondering how to work some spells with Daemon help.  The first step is to obtain some candles.  No, colour doesn't really matter, just get some candles.  No, you can't really do it without candles. Well OK sure you can, but you may as well perform some magic which works strongly, instead of just works a little bit.  The common argument is that "well it still works" for, oh about everything :P.  There is works and there is WORKS!  Personally I prefer reliable results.

Here are the steps to follow below:

1.  Draw out the Daemon seal in magical ink, on unused paper.  You can use parchment if you like, but keep in mind that 99.9% of people who sell "parchment", are really only selling parchment covered paper.  It is very unfortunate that most folks are unable eto tell the difference.  I sell genuine parchment, either calfskin, sheepskin or goatskin.  While you are waiting for the parchment to arrive, just use paper.  If you are vegetarian, just use homemade paper, hemp paper, linen, or silk.  I also sell real magical ink, you know with real herbs in it instead of  just fake factory in china made colouring added to unfit for beings or humans, alcohol.  When you do draw out the seal, do it in sacred space, with all electronics and lights turned off.  You can use natural lighting or candles lit.

2. Light a candle daily for the Daemon you are getting to know, for 3, 7 or 9 days.  Your preference.  To make sure that the particular Daemon is called by the candle and actually shows up, chant their name several times as you are lighting the candle as well as right afterwards.  Some folks prefer to use natural wood matches to light their candles, for a more traditional approach.  While others prefer using the original flint and steel (and I don't mean a bic lighter) approach.  Unfortunately I have never gotten the traditional flint and steel kits to start a fire, while trying it out in the woods, while camping.  I have seen others pull it off though. 

3. Get some Daemon specific incense going for each day, in this project.  You can order some of mine, as I do make different ones for each Daemon, or you can instead use frankincense resin.  Do NOT use stick or cone incense!!!!!!  No really just don't.  Daemons don't tend to much like factory made artificial scents added to a stick wrapped in camel dung.  No really, that is how most incense is made, the better quality stuff anyways.  Oh sure some say they are made with real essential oils; most of them lie.  The other ones who do use real essential oils, well that is not how traditional incense is made at all whatsoever.  That is also not how traditional magical oils are made either for that matter.  Do just put some effor tin and get some of those little charcoal discs or blocks to burn the real incense on.  If you don't wish to order everything online, just go to your local newage or health food store for frankincense resin and charcoals.  Again as you are lighting the incense, state who it is for, and that you are wanting to get to know them better and work with them in the future.

4. The next step after having put their candle on top of their seal and offering incense and such for several times, is to meditate while sitting and holding the Daemon seal in your hands, while gazing at it.  Just like the things mentioned above, softly chanting or singing their name several times while holding the seal does also help to enhance things.  This practice of holding the seal and meditating is most definitely is good to increase the Daemon connection and contact.  This can be done very regularly to get to know them better.  The candle and incense offering process most definitely charges up their seal and makes it good for use in spells, as well as this contemplation practice.  You can perform this practice as regularly as you feel comfortable with, and as long as the energies and presence feels positive to you.

 Thes are extremely good methods for discerning whether a particular Daemon is good to work with and if you and them will get along or not.  You can also figure out pretty quickly if you will work well together.  As you are doing each of these practices you can often tell the difference between a Daemon who is friendly to you and one who is not.  They usually tend to make it quite obvious!  If they don't like you, or your house, or your practices, they will often let you know!  By letting you know, I mean that the energy will feel quite uncomfortable, and not the type of energy you would want to work with.  On the other hand if they like you, and you can work well together, you will often feel quite a positive energy around.  Though there is also often a neutral energy, since you and them don't know each other very well at first. 

5. Now using the above methods for startup and preparation, try talking with the Daemon.  How this most often goes, for most magicians, is that they either get impressions of how the Daemons is reacting, or what the Daemon is trying to communicate.  Or you will often "hear" what they are saying in your own head, similar to your own thoughts.  However, there are some subtle differences, which become more and more obvious with practice.  For example, they may use a different one of voice than  your own self talk.  They will sometimes use words you don't know the meaning of and have to look up!  I find this to be a very affective tool for confirmation.  They will often give information that you didn't already know. They will often speak in a different manner than you usually do. You can also use a pendulum to discern whether they are saying yes or no in answer to your questions.  Don't overdo it with the questions though, or you will start to influence the pendulum, and can also get a bit obsessive with it. 

Don't go trusting what you perceive 100% at first.  For two reasons, you don't know them very well yet, and you don't know how much of it your own brain or ego inserts into the conversation.  We quite often here what we want to hear, or other times will hear what our own self doubts are.  If they spend the entire time complimenting you, or putting you down, you either have a trickster spirit and not the Daemon, or it is your own mind playing tricks on you.  Though using their seal cuts down on a LOT of possible impostors. Make sure to always speak your half out loud so they can actually hear you.  It doesn't have to be very loud, you can whisper, but don't ask the questions in your head sort of thing.  You want the Daemons to respond, not your head. 

 6. Now for the actual spell work.  Make sure to start with one of the ones which is mostly friendly to you.  Or if you have gotten a Daemon divination from me, and know which one is your main Daemon and most wants to work with you.  Start with the standard lighting of the candle, holding the seal and meditating. Then clearly state, out loud what your request is.  Ask them if they would be willing to help with this.  You can use a pendulum, or see if the candle flame is moving for a yes response.  You can also go by the feel in the room.  Don't forget the important part though, make sure to ask what sort of trade for the work they would like.  No one works for free, and you most definitely don't want an open ended agreement where you don't know what you are offering or they are taking!  Popular items are putting out candles and rum for a month, or until the work is complete, or perhaps 1 month after as well.  Another option is their seal in the appropriate metal.  Personally I start by offering a metal seal, then after working with them for awhile and they have helped me quite a bit I work up to a gold seal (if they are helping in a very major way), or their seal engraved into a ruby.  Some folks will promote the Daemon on the internet for them... the acceptance of this idea and results of this will vary.  You can also offer an art piece done by you for them, or perhaps a song or music piece written and sun or played for them, by you. 

 Quite often folks will offer trades which are, to be honest, pretty pitiful!  No, one strawberry just isn't going to cut it for them helping you to find a new job!  No one candle isn't going to help either.  Basically for trades, they want you to put some effort into it, or come up with something really awesome for them.  Other times they may want you to donate money to a particular cause, or to help (for free) a particular person or type of person. 

7.  Once you have decided on the terms of the contract with the Daemon, you now get to write up the pact.  No don't worry about or get scared by this, pacts have nothing whatsoever to do with selling your soul, that is just anti spirit work propaganda.  It is basically just the agreement between you and another person, the Daemon in this case.  Fortunately there is much less writing and paperwork than say a cel phone contract.  So just write it out on parchment, with magical ink, then sign it.  Some folks prefer to sign it in blood.  I would say that to do this only with ones you have worked with a bit before or trust a lot.  If you don't have the budget for parchment and magical ink, start with a pencil and paper. 

8. As the work is being done, perform regular candle lighting for them, while putting out a few goodies.  For example some strawberries, or an apple, or a shot of rum.  This performed once per week is about average.  While some folks will do a pact, then just forget about it and walk away, I have found that things tend to work better if you keep the work up, at least weekly, to enhance the work and bring about even better results.  Of course you will also want to do your end of the work on the physical plane.  For example if you asked for help finding a job, well you will be needing to submit many resumes.  New jobs don't just fall from the sky ;).  In the meantime, placing a stack of your resumes on the altar you are doing this Daemon work on will also help enhance things.  Further, smoking them with the Daemon incense smoke, touching their seal to each one, and so forth, will also help the spellwork along even better. 

9. And the final step.  Put out whatever it was that you offered as payment, when the work is complete.  Sometimes as a trade, they want weekly things to be done while the work in progress, and other times they will want you to give payment after the work is complete..  I have found that oftentimes, they will want you to wear their seal during the entire time the work is being done.  Whatever the trade was, be sure to not reneg on it, be sure to give the payment no matter what!  Sometimes you won't want to, for example when I asked for something to get to someone, well the empty box arrived.  My wording has been not specific enough apparently.  While I could have states that they tricked me, since it was a Daemon I wanted to work with hin the future, I still did give payment, just not the most awesome version of the payment, so that I could still work with them on future projects.  I most definitely learned to word things better after that, with all evocations. 

 Well that is it, the basic steps for performing spell work with the Daemons.  It is definitely an enjoyable, as well as profitable experience.  I recommend working with them regularly, and working with either a few different ones, or your own favorite one.  However I don't recommend working with too many different ones, since that much different foreign energy can actually mess up your own energy, as well as their results sometimes interfering with one another. 


"Products and services on this site are "for entertainment purposes only", and as is obvious by my articles, I am a practitioner and fully beleive in my practice, path and items.