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Working with the Daemons

Working with the Daemons

Methods for working with Daemons


(article by Athena from 2005)

Here is my compendium of secret methods for working with the

Daemons of the Goetia and other grimoires. These methods are not

your regular modern Ceremonial Magick approach, but I do have to

say I have excellent results with these methods, as do my students.

For example ceremonial magicians will call up the Daemons as per

the grimoires by threatening them with names of of Deities and

angels that they just don't get along with. Apparently it is still of the

light and still for spiritual growth if one doesn't get too close to the

Daemons. There is a nice safe circle and a constraining triangle

involved. Whilst the Daemons are very patient (something about

living for thousands of years can do that to you), this approach is just

plain rude! The Demonolators on the other hand (well the one's with

a web presence anyways) also use a lot of modern ceremonial

magick symbolism, but they honor and worship the Daemons that

they call. I am sure that the Daemons are much appreciative of this

approach :) However, they shun any practical work or evocation with

the Daemons. It is all for worship and spiritual development.


So what is a LHP practitioner to do if they want to be respectful as

well as get some good ol tangible real life results? Well fortunatly

there is still a lot of information in those old grimoires. It is not like

one needs to use the prayers that Christian magicians decided

needed to be in there. There are plenty of workable methods sans

the prayers. One good example is the Grimoirum Verum and the

Gran Grim. Yes they do contain the odd prayer here and there,

however that is not the majority of the book. Also, those prayers can

be changed to suit the practitioner. Even the Goetia with all it's

prayers still contains much information, especially when combined

with the Greater Key of Solomon to be able to work evocation. There

are also the stories about older magicians and how they worked with

the Daemons. For example in the old paintings of Faust, he is

usually not in a magical circle, and the Daemons or whomever he has

called generally aren't in triangles. Also, there are many other old

paintings that portray the calling of Daemons, and barely any of them

have a circle involved. In one painting of Faust and his assistant, it

looks as though 2 Daemons are fighting over some crown, and a

couple of others are playing with a ball :) They are all scattered about

his study.


If we are going to have the Daemons help us with our everyday lives,

it seems silly, well at least to me, to keep them so distant from

ourselves. Only calling them up once for an hour to demand of them

what we want done, then never talking to them again except to

maybe give the reward. Even when we do call them we are safely in

our circle surrounded by names of the opposing (to them) force. That

just doesn't seem right for a LHP approach. I have seen some other

LHP methods for calling the Daemons, such as just call upon Satan

and have him send one of his Daemons to you, well that can work

obviously, however if one wants a stronger manifestation, or to form a

working relationship more steps and ideas are needed. I have also

seen downright odd methods, such as someone recommending that

a newbie (I don't know if this guy had even been practicing magic for

more then a month and he did not know his path yet) to put his own

blood into a bowl with the Daemon seal in it! Well sure, if you are

experienced, know what you are doing, are friendly with that

particular Daemon perhaps, but new to the art and a random

Daemon? I think not! Well I guess some folks don't mind sleeping

for a week!


OK stop babbling and give you the how to's right? <g> Well the first

thing to do is to pick a Daemon to work with. Most of us have already

worked with a few, or at least read up on some. Choose one that

appeals to you. One method for doing this is to open a book of seals,

such as the Goetia, and run your hand overtop of the page and see if

any sort of "jump out" at you. Be sure to only pick one that is friendly

feeling towards you, to start off with. Once you have gotten good at

these methods you can always venture over to the ones that seem

less friendly, but why start with a bad experience? There are many

many Daemons, might as well start with one that you get along with.

I am assuming here that you already know how to meditate. If you

don't, go learn to meditate then come back to this article.


Now that you have chosen a Daemon, do some research. Go onto

the internet, as well as get some good ol' ink and paper books and do

some research. Of course you are going to check out the Goetia or

other grimoire they are in, then perhaps other versions of that

grimoire. You might also look up some older sources of where that

name appears. I also recommend stopping by Wikipedia.com since

they have some good articles on the Daemons. Also, many of the

Daemons are/were old Pagan Deities, so if you can find that link

through research all the better. Of course if all you can find is their

listing in the Goetia, well better then nothing.


The next step is to draw their seal onto a natural piece of cloth or

leather. I recommend practicing the seal a couple of times first on

paper beforehand. To draw the seal on the fabric, do a light sketch of

it in pencil, then trace over it with a darker and more permanent ink.

Painting also works for this. You may also wish to again trace over it

in magical ink after the pen ink dries. For the following exercises,

paint the seal on both sides of the fabric, or use 2 pieces of fabric and

sew them together if your fabric is thin and the ink bleeds through.

While you are drawing out the Daemon's seal, be sure to only be

focusing on the Daemon. Of course no one is perfect, the odd

thoughts of other things might creep in, just bring your mind back to

the task at hand and the Daemon. The artwork does not have to be

perfect, but do try your best. When drawing the Daemon seal be sure

to include the versicle (the ring around the seal) with the Daemons

name in it. There are some versions of the seals that do not contain

this ring, however it is essential for most workings.


For the first exercise and getting to know the spirit, one simply burns

incense (such as frankincense), and meditates while holding the seal

in your hands. To do this, you can sit in a chair or cross legged,

place your hands on your lap palms upwards, and place the seal in

your hands. Since you have made a double sided seal, one of the

seals is touching your palms, while the other one is face upwards that

you can see. Concentrate on what the seal looks and feels like for a

few moments, then proceed to meditate with your eyes open and

looking at the seal, or closed and you feeling the energies of the seal.

During this exercise you may get impressions, images, feelings, a

presence, or many other interesting affects. You are essentially

making very light contact with the Daemon. Depending on how the

exercise goes, repeat each day or every few days until you have

done this 4 or 5 times with one Daemon. Do not switch around at

first, focus just on one Daemon.


The next exercise is dreamwork. Hold your seal just before going to

sleep and ask that the Daemon appear in your dreams. An example

of this would be "I ask that you spirit N appear to me in my dreams in

a form I can understand and to teach me about yourself". Then place

the seal under your pillow and drift off to sleep. Be sure to write down

your dreams, even if they seem unimportant at the time. I

recommend only doing this for a night or 2 in a row at first. Once you

get more used to it you can try it for a week straight. I do not

recommend any longer then 7 days without a good break though.

Also, with the 7 day version, ones dreams can get very disturbing

depending on which Daemon that you are working with! If you are

doing a multiple day dream exercise, and your dreams start to get

disturbing, you can either stop, or you can hold the seal and ask the

Daemon to please go a little easier on you. This works very well.

After you have tried this dream working out a few times. Place a

candle and some water out on your nightstand, and a duplicate copy

of the seal between them. Then place your seal under your pilow as



Skrying is the next step one can take for working with Daemons. Be

sure to check out my skrying section on the how to's of skrying. I am

convinced that everyone can skry. You will need either a bowl of

water, a black skrying mirror (I sell these), a crystal ball, an obsidian

ball, or other skrying device. I have found that an obsidian ball works

best, with the black magic mirror coming in second. Of course these

are not absolutely necessary, the bowl of water works as well. If you

are using a bowl of water I recommend either putting some dittany of

crete in the water, or some of my skrying mix that I sell (email for

details). For this exercise you sit in a comfortable position, with the

skrying device in your hands on your lap. If you have opening or

standard rituals, you can of course do these beforehand. I of course

recommend my Enochian opening ritual. Place the seal underneath

your skrying implement. Be sure to light a candle and place out a

glass of water for this working. When you are settled, have the

candle lit, and have your skrying device in your hands ready to start,

be sure to do a statement of intent. An example of this would be

"This ritual is to receive images of N, to learn about N, and to better

get to know N". I will not include skrying instructions here as they are

in my section on skrying.


Next you will want to figure out which plants, incenses, stones, food,

booze etc. that the Daemon prefers. Tables of correspondences are

useless in this case. There are a few reasons for this. For one those

tables of correspondences are all lumped into elemental and

planetary (and sometimes astrological) categories, not very personal

at all. Another reason is that the tables of correspondences are still

relatively new compared with the age of the Daemons. The current

correspondences in use are from about 1900, whereas the Daemons

are hundreds if not thousands of years old. Before the Golden Dawn

and Crowley alchemical correspondences were used, and even

before that, things were not lumped into categories, but seen in their

own right. One example of this is that I am a Pisces, but I just don't

like the look of or feel any draw to aquamarine whatsoever! With the

Daemons it is more about personal preferences then about tables of

correspondences. The modern Goetia has lumped the Daemons into

planetary ranks, and everyone seems to think that if the Daemon is a

King for example everything must be of gold, and solar

correspondences. Well that may work for some, but not as a general

rule. Also, say a certain Goetia King happens to like habinaro

peppers? You would be doing them a disservice by only putting out



So I have come up with a very novel concept about how to figure out

which foods, booze, incenses etc. that a particular Daemon likes.

Ask them. It is that simple. During your meditation, your dream work,

and your skrying exercises, you have most likely come up with a

good list of possibilities of things that they like from your notes. For

example if you "smelled" a certain incense scent while you were

skrying. Or "felt" a particular gem in your dream, or perhaps saw the

Daemon holding that gem. Or is it possible that by now the Daemon

you are working with has actually told you which offerings he or she

preffers. One handy method of figuring out which offerings they like

is to do the dreamwork, meditation or skrying work, but beforehand

state that it is to find out which offerings they prefer during the rites.

Be sure to write down ALL of the impressions and images that you

get, no matter how silly they seem. You see, our mind likes to play

the "it's unimportant" game so that we get less info that makes it

uncomfortable, ie: non-mundane.


After you have acquired your lists of items that the Daemon most

likely would like as offerings, get out your pendulum. For this

technique you simply purchase or make a pendulum, and put it over

top of the Daemon seal while asking your question. To make a

pendulum you can simply tie a ring to a piece of string. I will not

cover any more on pendulums as there are numerous websites and

books that cover this fully. Basically one direction is a yes, and the

other is a no. You decide on first use which is which, or ask the

pendulum which is which. Be sure to take notes. Another good

method of coming up with ideas for rites and offerings to particular

Daemons is to look up their Deity lore. Many of the Daemons were or

are known ancient Pagan deities. One famous example of this is

Astaroth being known as Astarte. So in this case, one would look up

lore and rites for Astarte for some ideas of how to work with Astaroth,

and some offerings that Astaroth would particularly enjoy. Of course

you can always double check any information that you find using the

pendalum method. I will discuss how to work with the Daemons as

Diety and Daemon later in this article.


My next article will be on evocation of Daemons....



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