Online or in person courses and workshops led by Athena. Over 25 years of experience practicing magic daily. Most of those years have also been spent actively teaching others both in person as well as online. We offer online and in person classes, workshops and retreats. Practical & Spiritual extensive Enochian magick retreat; 11 days! June 15-25th, 2018 BC, Canada Spend 11 days in nature, fully working, experiencing and learning Enochian magic. Every single day of this retreat will have us actually practicing Enochian! Be prepared for some awesome and profound growth :). The cost for the 11 days, all expenses (except transportation to and from the retreat location , including all teachings, acoomodations, and food is $3999.99 if you register and pay half at least 6 months in advance. 2 work-trade positions avaible, please message for more details. Though do keep in mind that quite a bit of the work trade will be before the retreat and if you slack off you will be asked to leave. All of the other courses listed (to the right) are online, which can be taken anywhere and at your own pace and in your own time and timezone :). To continue along each online course, there will be an hour worth of assigned homework to be completed each work. If the homework isn't being done, the student is merely still sitting in the armchair and not actually learning anything. To pass each course, homework must be submitted. The courses which are online the the lessons are visible at any time. With the homework, you have 7 days to complete the homework (the hour worth), or 14 days to be able to turn it in late. Each course is taught by myself, Athena. I have been practicing these forms of magic daily for over 25 years now, and teaching for nearly that long. I have been running some very advanced versions of each course over at my other site ( for 15 years now). To register, just click on the buy now buttons, as well as create an account using the login link at the very top right side of this webpage. I also teach in person courses, retreats, private lessons, and now will be offering an Abramelin 6 or 18 months in seclusion starting in 2018.

"Products and services on this site are "for entertainment purposes only", and as is obvious by my articles, I am a practitioner and fully beleive in my practice, path and items.
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