Combine your Power with Ancient Grimoire spirits 7 days; 2023

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Sorcery Retreat 7 days in nature with the Grimoire Entities


Combine your Power with that of the Ancient spirits

Release and enhance your inner powers with the help of the Goetia, Verum, Enochian, as well as unlisted grimoire spirits.  

These retreats are for dedicated practitioners only, no dabblers.  It's OK if you are new, but you must be serious about the path.

An option to learn these secrets in a community without having to join an order of sheeple with too many outdated beliefs. 
Practical magic work will be the primary focus; none of that spending years feeling energies and repeating the same old ritual.

Bring out your natural abilities of astral travel, dream work, and spirit communication with the help of the Daemons and/or Angels (your choice).

Small vetted group magick retreats

Choose one of our pre-built adventure options, or create a custom itinerary to fit your travel needs.

Participate in secret group rituals

Ceremonies and rituals for calling and working with the various spirits

Change your Life mundane to Magick

Prioritize and focus with your spirit and entity helpers.
Learn practical magick work methods to continue at home

Learn what is NOT included in books or online


During out 1-2 weeklong nature retreats, you will EXPERIENCE the magic and presence of these formidable entities during many ritual sessions.

Included in each registration is membership to our online and in person Sorcery communities.


Sorcery Retreats

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