May 26th 2018

A bit about traditional practices, ATRs and locations and culture

Having visited Haiti and Togo (and Egypt, Albania, Mexico), there is a definite difference in lifestyle which really leads to different ways of approaching and practicing magick and spirituality.  This is even true in some neighborhoods in places like Florida, New York, and so forth.

The main major difference is that their practice, and honouring of the Gods, is a way of life, not just a side hobby, not something they keep hidden (usually lol), and not something which comes second, or third, etc. in their day to day existence.  These things are of primary importance, as they should be.  Also, the practice is daily, and often most of the day, or at least most of the time when not working.

I feel that it would benefit us greatly if we would move more towards this approach.  Of course, that is not the standard norm, but I think we all gave up on the standard norm already, quite some time ago ;).