Mini workings ~ Staycation

Posted by Athena / on Jul 1st 2018

Mini workings ~ Staycation

#staycation is the new thing these days. Saves money, less travel time, and more time off per year without having to leave town. They are also extremely useful for mini magical retirements! Whether it be just a long weekend, or a full week, or even just a regular weekend... how often do we get to just relax and not worry about anything for 2 days straight?! I recommend choosing a very specific focus and topic (and sticking with/to it) for the time period you have chosen. The reason not to change is that we always change up our practice too much or often before it has a chance to start working strongly.

Meditation would be important for such things, perhaps connecting with our often neglected invisibles, some enjoyable spiritual/occult reading, and MOST IMPORTANTLY some inner work! It's difficult but it really does pay off in the long run, and is essential for any growth and advancement on the paths. To make it a bit more fun, one can always order pizza or dinner in if desired :D. This can be done at home, with instructions to any other house mate to not disturb, even if there is a fire (they can take care of it lol), or perhaps an airbnb or hotel if you really want privacy and peace and it to feel even more like a vacation. When we are still at home, we are more tempted to do some cleanup, or work, or go on the computer, or phone, etc.

Speaking of the internet and/or phone, I do strongly recommend turning them off for the entire time of the retreat. This is so that we can fully immerse into a magical altered state without our usual distractions that we enjoy so much which we (subconsciously usually) use to keep us disconnected and not able to see as much of the deeper realities of the world/universe.

Enjoy your time off, allow yourself to relax, reconnect with the magical forces of the universe, and your inner and higher selves!

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