Part 2 on Secrets and the Occult / Magick

Jul 20th 2018

Part 2 on Secrets and the Occult / Magick

More on secrets and the occult

When I first started out in magick, well OK maybe for the first 10 years lol, I also felt that everything should be public. But then I learned some pretty deep stuff, and changed my mind rather quickly! It's definitely important to keep a little out there, so folks who are drawn to it know it exists and where to maybe start looking. Though there are some things which will always be hidden, either intentionally, or because the path itself, and the path ancestors are choosy about who is let in.

For example, pedophiles really aren't accepted in many paths. Sure perhaps they can fool the living humans, but the spirits, they can see and know way more than we do, and know how people live their lives. Some paths are even more strict and have taboos against such things as cheating on your significant other (though you only get into trouble, not thrown off the path generally). Many paths also do not allow killing of another human. The spirits of that path will turn against you if you go that far. Other paths though, they are fine with such things. It all depends really.

Another problem with information being public, is that then charlatans will pretend to be on the path, or sometimes even think that they are on the path, because they read so much about it, or watched so many youtube videos on it, and use the information and supposed path to scam people. Most practitioners unfortunately cannot tell the difference, just due to lack of knowledge themselves of the path, even if all the information was out there, we can only understand so much of a new thing in the first 5-10 years. Or if the path is from a culture, or in a language which is not our first, then we can more easily be fooled. I guess better than by a used car salesman, but then again maybe not. At least with a lemon used car, our health or spiritual bodies, or energy doesn't get messed up for a lifetime or few if things go really wrong. Or at least not to as great of a degree.

Which brings up another point; unqualified people teaching and initiating into paths which they know nothing about, or where they themselves were initiated by a newbie or fraud from a particular path. I have seen the outcome of such initiations and the results are pretty bad; the person's energy body messed right up; so many many nasty died bad spirits around, so many corrupted or maligned nature or demonic spirits around, all who aren't the actual ones they think they have around and are trying to call. Now if the person wants to work with these beings go ahead, but one should be fully aware with the entourage they are getting and the true nature of them, not thinking they are a Deity, Daemon or other strong spirit and meanwhile getting your garden variety low level random spirit.

Also, each time something is talked about, it really does lose power. With many spiritual paths if you go through an initiation or retreat, they tell you to not talk about it afterwards. Of course, everyone gets all excited and wants to talk about it :D. But, you can feel the energy wane immediately when this is done. Holding something as sacred and important to us, is definitely part of the path. Our connections with the various spirits, as well as personal information about our spirits, is not something that we just share with anyone. We break a trust there, but then also open the spirits up to mass lineups of random people trying to contact them and demanding they do their bidding! This doesn't make the spirits happy about working with humans in general lol.

Now the point of why do only a select few get the information while others do not? Those who have put in the work for it generally. Or those who have spiritual or physical ancestry in the paths. (this is beyond those silly DNA tests). Also, past lives tend to play a strong role from all I can tell. Sure everyone likes to think they were a great so and so or such and such in past lives, but really, that sort of thing is seen by the spirits, not by us.

We are all born with (or perhaps just still have in this incarnation) a certain number of spirits. We also have some which we do not align with for various reasons. Of course, we all try to contact the ones we don't align with as well as the ones we do! This can bring troubles, if one doesn't have an experienced teacher to help them sort things out. Also, many of the spirits prefer certain ways of being approached and certain offerings, these are important, for many different reasons, including the energies aligning properly (from what I can tell). When approached in the incorrect way, or with the incorrect offerings, sometimes things can really go awry!

Some paths require initiations to even be able to properly work with the powers, beings, forces and energies of that particular path. This is for many different reasons. One of the reasons being that folks who are in line with the path and how things work, is important. Having the path not just turn into a random mess of crap is another good reason (some people tend to try to make this happen to all of the groups they are in, ever seen it at a workplace?) Also, the path elders and spirits know far better than we do, which path/s are right for us and which are not. We may like to think that we can just work any path, but some paths are better for us on ever level than others are. This is individual to each person.

Just as important, not sharing too much information everywhere helps the dabblers and practitioners who try to work these paths with a lack of connection or knowledge... people really can, and sometimes do, become very unbalanced or go completely off the edge with the stronger practices. Believe it or not these paths are not for everyone. Some would like to think that they are, but really that is not the case. Not everyone's psyche, energy body, or thought processes are in line with these important works. Some folks are really just not up for spirit work, no matter what they like to think. The more folks think they know, the more warped the paths are for them, the more tainted and less pure, and thus the energies being very unhealthy on many levels for people. I have seen many things happen which are far far worse than most car accidents. Then there are the silly dabblers of what they feel are the darker paths, who end up making pacts with random low power/level spirits, which last many lifetimes, and mess this lifetime right up! Though that in itself is probably another article entirely.

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