So many magickal manuscripts!

Posted by Athena / on Jul 2nd 2018

So many magickal manuscripts!

Unlike centuries ago, our ability to access information and manuscripts on various magickal practices is pretty vast! We no longer have to take a ship to travel internationally to find the book of Soyga for example. Actually, we don’t even need to leave the house. John Dee would have saved quite a bit of travel time. Though he also wouldn’t have had the close connections with the royalty of various places either. When I had first started studying Enochian, I had to phone the British library, and purchase the microfilm of the Enochian diaries. Then there were the trips to the local university so that I could read through them. Fortunately, soon after, there was a company who was able to put all of our microfilm onto PDF for us. These days all of the Enochian diaries are easily findable online, as are the original manuscripts of many of the old grimoires.

However, the important question remains, has this increase in access to information, legitimate information even? Of course there is still all of the garbage magickal information out there, written by armchair occultists, which must be waded through. But even when one does get the real info, has it enhanced our practices at all? Do we have a stronger connection with the forces, Deities, and energies behind it all? Are we more able to connect and work with the magick? Are we able to utilize this extra knowledge for practical and useful purposes, whether they be practical mundane matters, or a stronger working connection with the various entities?

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