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Angel: noun (but could be a verb if one is a magician), in ancient Greek belief a divinity or supernatural being who is a messenger of a Deity.

The Hierarchy of the Enochian entities

The Enochian hierarchy is difficlt to understand for a few reasons. The main reason is that magicians try to impose the modern model of the elments and planets onto this older system, which is at times quite different. See my Enochian articles for more information on this, or take one of my Enochian courses. Another reason for the difficulty in understanding the Enochian structure is that the original Enochian writings were John Dee's personal diaries of the skying sessions. If you think about it for a minute, if someone found *your* skrying or magic notebooks where you had to write quickly as the information was coming in, would they be able to make much out? Fortunately Dee had pretty good handwriting compared with many others who's diary notes we have come upon. Another fortunate event is that Elias Ashmole transcribed many of Dee's notes, which make things easier when one gets to a dammaged part of the Dee diaries, or where the handwriting is difficult to understand

So needless to say the information is scattered about in many different booklets (now MS at the British Library and Oxford), and in various order. While John Dee did make a few nice neat little tables, his notes aren't filled with them. Also, the strongest factor in the Enochian hierarchy being understandable is that one actually has to do some work and research to understand it. So many people today just want quick tables of correspondances and step by step instructions. Enochian is generally not this way, and the correspondances I have seen of this system are quite often incorrect according to the original diaries/skrying sessions. Also I beleive that Enochian magic is not something that can be learned by just picking something out of a table, or off a website. Perhaps they can be a good start, but the actual research itself is what leads to understanding what the EEs (Enochian entities) originally meant by each thing they said. Just names, titles and a little information about each EE doesn't do them justice as we aren't reading the full conversation and insights they gave to Edward Kelly, we are just reading the cliff notes. I strongly recommend taking the time out to actually call each of these spirits, and working with them to gain a deeper understanding of Enochian. Just memorizing the names or inserting them into a ritual does not lead someone into the deeper magics and insights and Enochian holds. As an alalogy, you do not become a great musician if you never pick up an instrument, or a great painter if you never try to paint.

There are a few different sets of EEs in the Enochian system. There is the Heptarchy, which are the planetary group, and there are 49 of them. These 49 are divided up into days of the week, planets and sub planets, as you will see below. The Princes (and thus Kings) of this Heptarchy also have a further 42 Ministers each which correlate to the hours of the day and the days of the week. There is of course the Great table which is the most well known aspect of Enochian magic, which contains God names, angels, servient angels, EEs of the four elements, EEs of transformation, EEs of precious stones, and so on. Each of these names is within the great table, but you have to know where to look to find them. I offer a couple of lessons on how to derive all of the names from the great table in my Enochian 101 course. I also explain it a bit in the Enochian articles section, but with html the tables didn't turn out well at all.

There are also the EEs of the Sigil Dei Aemeth. This is the wax tablet that John Dee and Edward Kelly used to place their shewstone or crystal ball (they used both at various times) on top of when they were skrying. The SDA (sigil dei aemeth) was place underneath the red and green flashing silk altar cloth, on top of the sweet wood table of practice. In this SDA are the names of the hierarchy of angels from Agrippa, the ones which the Hebrews and Kabbalists borrowed. There are also of course EE names on the SDA as well. Aside from these, there is the tablet of Nalvage, and the 91 governors of the parts of the earth. They were also derived from the great table, but in the form of their seals which wer placed on top of the great table to show where they were and how to derive the names. These governors are to be called upon when one is traversing the Enochian aethyres.

I think I have covered all of the various recorded EEs, accept for the odd one which is mentioned in the diaries but not listed in the tables.

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