Enochian altar cloth tassels

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Enochian altar cloth tassels. This is the option to have us sew on red/green tassels onto your Enochian flashing red/green silk altar cloth. The tassels themselves are not silk, as those would be nearly impossible to come by (and would be $200 extra!); these are quality made and match the altar cloth quite well. The Enochian Angels did specify that John Dee and Edward Kelly place a red/green flashing altar cloth on top of everything (except the skrying mirror/ball). Undearnth everything is a white silk altar cloth, and this item is the very top altar cloth. It does even go overtop of the Sigilum Dei Aemeth. It is to be placed on the Enochian magick altar of sweetwood, which is 2 cubts by 2 cubuts, which in other words is 3 feet by 3 feet. This altar cloth is large enough to cover the altar, and to hang down a bit on all four sides.

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