Azimat for occult knowledge of the earth

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This Azimat helps a person receive occult or magical knowledge of the earth when placed under the pillow during sleep. This is one of many traditional talismans used for it's magical properties. It should be used accordingly and in circumstances that warrant it's use for it to be most effective and beneficial.Azimat are talismans that come from the Malay and Indonesian occult traditions. Many are largely comprised of Arabic/Quranic verses and words believed to contain specific powers or divine energies.These are often found in the form of medallions, engraved tablets and pendants although some are written or fashioned from various materials and animal hides. Azimat alternately knows as Jimat, are varied and cover most areas of life. There are amulets of this type to cause love and affection between 2 people, to cause enemies to act kindly, or to improve business. Azimat are prepared using a variety of materials and can even be written on paper then immersed in water to be drunk or sprinkled to form a magical barrier.

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