Custom 6' leather evocation circle

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For those who are wise enough to not want to work evocation using a circle from a Christian based grimoire.  I offer the option of a custom circle specific to your path.  We can work together, to decide which names and diagrams will go onto your circle.  I have over 33 years of experience working magic, 30 of those years with evocation of Daemons, Angels, and other spirits.  We can figure out a powerful, as well as precise circle which will work much better for you than the standard run of the mill Goetia circle.  I also hand paint these circles with professional quality leather paint.  

The leather used is 100% genuine cow leather.  I can also create a goatskin circle if you prefer, but unfortunately goats are much smaller, and you would only end up with a 4' circle, created from 2 goatskins sewn together.  

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