Daemon Demon Patron divination

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A reading to figure out which ofDaemon Demons wants to work you and will work youbest. Daemon Demon Divination. How this works is that I will divine to see which Daemon Demon may want to work you and which you may get alongbest w.cost of this divination is: $49.99. Basically if you are new to working Daemon Demons and are wondering which you may work best or which may want to work you n I might just be able to help you out. Of course re may be more n Daemon Demon who you would work well but I will at least try to get youname of of m. Now keep in mind that this might not work sometimes or perhaps none ofones I know areright for you or mercury could have fallen out ofskyweek I try... but I will at least try to get a name for you. If I get nothing you will receive a refund. If you can possibly email me a photo this would help as well for me to be able to connect your energyto assist wdivination. I will need your full real name and address to do this divination properly.

A Yantra talisman which requires you, the person who uses it to perform mantra recitation and puja to empower it to help fix adverse planetary influences. This should be accompanied with regular prayer and observing other astrologicl remedies.

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