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It finally happened, I created an Enochian tarot deck! :D It's a 78 card deck (obviously), but you won't see the exact same as Rider-Waite images (yawn).  Instead I created each image and card using the symbolism of the meaning of the particular card.  

A truly magnificent Enochian Angel deck created by a practitioner of Enochian magic.  Athena has been working with Enochian for several decades now, and tends to see the concept of both Angels, as well as Enochian, more from a Pagan and magical perspective than a standard Christian viewpoint.  

This deck can be used for divination (obviously), but also for connecting with and learning more about the system of Enochian magic.  Whether John Dee and Edward Kelly would approve or not is up for debate, but Waite would most certainly not ;)

This is a 78 card deck, based on the meanings of each card.  It also comes with a quick reference card so that you can transcribe the Enochian lettering on the cards.

Here is a link to the deck preview:  Enochian Tarot preview


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