Sani Sade Sate, Vedic Transit of Saturn

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Sani Sade Sate, or the Vedic Transit of Saturn through certain houses of a persons horoscope often brings about a seven and a half year period of losses, marked challenges, difficulties, and obstacles. Sani Sade Sati which translates to Saturns 7 1/2 years, begins when Saturn enters the sign that comes immediately before a persons Janma Rasi (Natal moon sign). This transit continues over approximately 3 sign until Saturn exits the sign immediately after the persons Janma Rasi (Natal lunar sign). Saturn takes roughly 2 1/2 years to transit each sign giving a total of 7 years for this transit to come to completion. Observing remedial measures, Worshiping Shiva or Vishnu, worshiping Saturn, reciting his mantras, and using the appropriate gemstones help to suppress the negative effects of this transit while allowing the individual to receive the blessings of Saturn and evolve spiritually. Wearing a silver or iron ring with amethyst, lapis, or sodalite on the right middle finger is beneficial to those experiencing the effects of this transit.

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