To have me find a Daemon Demon or Angel (your choice) who would want to work

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To have me find a Daemon Demon or Angel (your choice) who would want to work with you, either in general, or a specific project and/or goal you have in mind. It's always awesome to have extra edge in mundane, or perhaps not so mundane matters, thanks to magickal workings with various spirits. It's difficult to tell somethimes though which one is the best to work with, or which one/s would work with you in particular, and get along with you energetically and so forth. This service is also handy if you don't hear the spirits clearly, or perhaps doubt what you hear sometimes and want to confirm, or perhaps have another strong spirit on your team. The lead evocational expert at has been performing magick, daily, for over 28 years now, and has been performing evocations of Angels, demons, Daemons, Djinn, Enochian entities and more for over 23 of those years. We also have a full proper temple setup for the work, to help things work more strongly and go much more smoothly. We regularly work with a large number of Enochian, Goetia, Solomonic, Egyptian, and necromantic spirits (not all at the same time, and not all in the same location, obviously), and can call upon the pentheon of Deities, Gods, Angels, and so forth that you are the most comfortable with.

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