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Magic Classes!

Want to learn Enochian, but it all just seems so confusing??? Not getting results using those "spirit summoning for dummies" books? You'll need a great teacher for that, and you've found one!

Enochian, Goetia, Skrying and more!

Sterling silver Ring of Solomon

Perfect for talismans or spirit seals

Blank metal discs! Copper, steel, tin, lead, silver, brass

Engraved Spirit Seals!

Are you terrible with an engraver? Every good spirit deserves a proper seal!
Get a real seal and feel the difference that a stone or metal disc makes that has been made by a true practitioner of the art!


Various antique or older pieces created into talismans or already magical.

9' Goetia Circle on canvas or silk!

If you want to properly practice Solomonic magic and call the spirits of the art, you'll need one of these.
Highly recommended for serious practitioners! 9' With snake $849.99 no snake $699.99

Break-up Powder!

Want your ex back? Interested in someone that's already taken? You'll need some of this ;) $19.99

Grimoire Tools and Supplies

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We offer custom made or standardized ritual tools for the serious practitioner - - Images of the products below

Grimoire ~ Lemegeton & Goetia tools
|Pentacle of Solomon |14K gold Pentagram of Solomon |14K gold Ring of Solomon | All 72 blank discs for Goetia | All 72 Goetia Daemon seals | Blank metal discs | circle Goetia 6' | circle Goetia 9' | circle 6' leather | Enochian ring 14K gold | Enochian Ring sterling silver | Goetia wood triangle | Goetia silk or canvas triangle | Goetia sword | Golden Dawn Sword | Lion skin belt with lettering | Silk, cotton, or linen robes | Sterling Silver signet ring of Solomon | Sterling Silver Ring of Solomon | Sword with Engraved blade

To order simply click on one of the paypal buttons below, or email me at: oipteaapdoce@gmail.com

We now offer Grimoire evocation kits, to make figuring out what all you need and how much it costs easier. So far we have 3 different options:

These kits include the best options for each tool/item for a successful working. For the basic kit the price is $2150 including s/h for everything you would need for working Goetia/Lemegeton magic.

The items included are a 9' circle in canvas; ring of Solomon in sterling silver, wood triangle, silver pentagram of Solomon necklace, hexagram of Solomon in parchment necklace, sword with the designs either painted on, or engraved into the blade, hyssop for the bath and evocation incense.
Or the above kit but with a giant scrying mirror attached to the triangle $2350.
Or the above but with a 14K gold ring of Solomon is $3800.
Or the above with both the ring of Solomon in gold and a giant skrying mirror attached to the triangle is $4000.

New item! Pentagram of Solomon. These are just over 1" in size and can be made in sterling silver or bronze (which looks just like gold). I attach a bail so that you can wear it as a necklace, or if you prefer can just keep it as a pentacle. Pentagram of Solomon in silver or brass $99.99

Pentagram of Solomon in 14K gold $999.99

The prices of lionskins have gone up quite a bit, so I have had to increase my pricing on this item. Everytime 6 orders come in I will order a skin and make the belts (then hope I get 6 more to recoop my funds!) I have had 2-3 requests so far this time around....

Everyone keeps asking (and with good reason), no they are not poached, yes they are perfectly legal, yes they were imported legally

Lionskin belt without lettering $999.99

Lionskin belt, with lettering on the back $999.99

We offer magic circles, whether in the Goetia style, Verum, Hollenzwang, other grimoire, or even a custom design. Each circle is hand painted in sacred space by a practitioner of the magical arts. These circles have the added benefit of being washable! The silk circles are recommended for indoor work as well as compact travelling. They can be used outdoors if one puts a tarp or drop sheet underneath. The canvas circles are recommended for outdoor use, or if you don't want to have to be extra careful with your circle. The leather circles are recommended if you want a very heavy duty circle of “parchment”.

Solomonic circle 6'on canvas or silk $699.99

Solomonic circle 9' on silk or Canvas $999.99

Solomonic circle 6’ on leather or parchment $999

Luciferian circle 6'on canvas or silk $99.99

Luciferian circle 9' on silk or Canvas $1999.99

Luciferian circle 6’ on leather or parchment $1999

Add the yellow snake to a 9' circle $249.99

Add the Yellow snake on a 6' circle $49.99

Solomonic Triangle 3’ in wood $499.99.

Solomonic Triangle 3’ in silk or canvas $199.99

Golden Dawn ceremonial magick sword. This is a regular sized Golden Dawn sword made of stainless steel, it is a real sword, but is not sharp as it is a practice sword. The names from Geburah and so forth either painted onto the pommel, or engraved into the blade. $299. I cannot ship this item to Australia, sorry.

Solomonic Sword. The GKOS nor the Goetia specified the exact names to be engraved upon the sword, though we can perhaps make an educated guess based on the other tools. Also there are a few swords which are described and shown. With this sword you can specifcy the names to be engraved into the blade, or perhaps the appropriate prayers or verses. Or if you prefer I can use the names listed in the GKOS in general for the sharp pointy tools.

Solomonic Linen Robe. This robe comes in white or black, with the option of a hood or not. Each robe is made specifically for you according to your measurments. Pleae allow 4-6 weeks for delivery due to the custom sewing and designing time. $299.99. The cotton robes are about half the price if you are looking for a less expensive option.

Solomonic Silk robe. This robe is made in white or black, with an optional hood. Each robe is custom made to order and specific to your measurements. Please allow 4-6 weeks for designing and sewing. $299.99

Solomonic Cotton Robe. This is 100% pure thick cotton; very high quality and opaque! Available in white or black, and custom made to your measurements. Optional hood available. Please allow 4-6 weeks for robe design and sewing. $199.99

Ring of Solomon in 14K Gold. These rings are handmade to order by an experienced pracititioner of Solomonic magic. You can order this ring in any size. $999.99 or current market value. Please email before you order.

Ring of Solomon in Sterling silver. These rings are handmade to order by an experienced pracititioner of Solomonic magic. You can order this ring in any size. $199.99

Ring of Solomon in Sterling silver signet ring style $199.99.

Metal discs: copper, brass, steel, sterling silver, zinc, copper/silver combined, and lead

3" copper disc (hand cut) $19.99

One dozen 3" copper discs $199.99

3" brass disc $14.99

One dozen brass discs $149.99

3" steel disc (hand cut) $14.99

One dozen steel discs $149.99

3" lead disc $24.99

3" zinc, -what I use for Mercury- disc (handcut) $19.99

3" tin disc (handcut) $19.99

2" sterling silver disc $29.99

2" copper/silver mixed disc with any listed spirit seal or talisman on it $199.99

All 72 discs needed for the Goetia Daemons!
Here I offer copper, brass, steel, silver, zinc, lead and copper/silver mixed. The brass is instead of gold. Only $1999!

ALL 72 Engraved Goetia Daemon seals!! $4499

Grimoirum Verum supplies
list coming soon

Grand Grimoire supplies
list coming soon

Black Pullet supplies
list coming soon

Greater Key of Solomon tools and supplies
list coming soon

CLM 849 "Necromancer's handbook" supplies
list coming soon

Hollenzwang / 6&7th books of Moses talismans etc.
list coming soon

Skrying Mirror 9” round $59.99 Made with a fluid condenser

Skrying mirror rectangle with a frame backing $29.99

Skrying mirror specific to a particular entity $99.99.
Comes engraved with the being’s seal/signature on the mirror. Be sure to specify *which* being when ordering.

Discliamer: I am a practicing magician, however all products and services are technically for novelty use only.
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