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Mini workings ~ Staycation

Mini workings ~ Staycation

Posted by Athena / www.enochian.org on Jul 1st 2018

#staycation is the new thing these days. Saves money, less travel time, and more time off per year without having to leave town. They are also extremely useful for mini magical retirements! Whether it … read more

My Vodou trip to Haiti experiences

Jun 2nd 2018

This was 9 or 10 years ago now, but I would still like to share and keep it posted.I will be adding Togo experiences soon :).  I mean more than I have talked about before.I traveled to Haiti, abo … read more
So you want to do Voodoo?

So you want to do Voodoo?

May 8th 2018

Actually it's usually spelled Vodou, or Vodoun, or similar.  Anyways, if this is what you are drawn to, find a teacher and/or get a reading from an initiated Mambo, Mamishi or Hongoun.  If y … read more
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